What's happening..??

  1. What is happening to me?:shrugs:
    My yummy Craie Paddy is waiting for me at the Custom centre, and I plan to go over there to pay and collect her later this afternoon. However, I don't feel the usual excitement I had whenever I'm about to meet my new bag. What is going on?:s

    I think the Custom personnel is targeting all my packages... because I've had to pay custom+GST tax for my last two purchases :sad: a lot of $$$:hysteric:

    Time to continue my purseban....
  2. Sigh, the same thing happened to me when I bought my grenat loaf.

    The excitement and joy were just--- not there.

    It was like that bag pushed me over some emotional line I didn't know was there. It was like taking a last bite of a really great brownie sundae after knowing you were full. Just *too much*.

    Anyway, maybe the excitement will flood in when you see her?!?!
  3. Hopefully you'll feel better when you see her.
  4. ahh taxes sure get you down, but when you pick up your new baby, you will forget about your customs bill I am sure ;)

    let us see her later, when you pick her up :smile:
  5. OH~
    Last time, my bbag was at the custom centre waiting for me to pick up and I'm so excited about it, I was rushed to the custom centre when I received my notice, I was so happy even I have to pay taxes and customs fees!!!
    By the way, please post pics when you get her~ Where did you get your craie paddy from?
  6. I so can relate to you..
    Custon is a pain...hope you feel better when you see the beauty!
    Its a gorgeous colour...please post piccies when you finally take her home :yes:
  7. Hopefully you will love her when you see her. Craie is a beautiful colour! :love:
  8. hi gals, I must say the pinkish undertone of this Craie Paddy really lifted my spirit :yahoo:
    so soft and so slouchy :love: I told my hubby this Paddy has no backbone:lol::p
    Thank you all for your comforting words:flowers:
    Without further a-do, here's my 05 Craie Paddy!!
    T10 447a.jpg T10 444a.jpg T10 442a.jpg T10 437a.jpg T10 436a.jpg
  9. some more pics....
    T10 424a.jpg T10 419a.jpg T10 418a.jpg T10 430a.jpg
  10. So glad to hear that your spirit has been lifted! She is indeed a beauty!
  11. wow, that baby was worth lots of customs ;)

    what a gorgeous bag. I hope you are delighted with her now she is home ;)

    thanks for the lovely piccies.

    lovely, lovely, lovely
  12. Beautiful!! See its all worth it now, Im even excited for ya!!! Enjoy!
  13. Absolutely beautiful~
    Where did you get this paddy from? Is this new?

    BTW, it looks like sable to me more than craie...
  14. Absolutely beautiful, congrats! No wonder you're happy now :biggrin:
  15. sigh, that bag is a little slice of heaven :girlsigh: