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  1. I had put in a bid on a bag that had already been authenticated on tPF, but lost out. When I checked in again the next day to find out how much the bag went for, I received an eBay notification that the auction was pulled, and hence void and invalid. :shrugs:

    I then received another msg from eBay that if the bag was relisted, I am free to bid for it again.

    Really wanting that bag, I did a search, and found it a day before the auction ended. I put in another bid for it, and went to bed.

    This morning, I received 2 msgs from eBay. The first being, a 2nd chance offer to buy, making me go :yahoo: before another msg that said the auction was pulled AGAIN, and was now void and invalid.

    What is going on?!?

    I can't even get in touch with the seller via eBay, cos he/ she has no other items for sale, so eBay won't let me ask about an item that is no longer listed.

    I don't know what to do now... And I really did want the bag, and I had utmost faith that it was authentic cos a PFer had okayed it.

  2. It was probably pulled because it was a fake. I would be careful even though you got it authenticated here. I got a Prada piece authenticated here and ended up buying a fake... What kind of bag was it?
  3. It could have been pulled for a number of reasons. The sellers account wasnt in good standing/copy someone elses listing... ect. Then again it could have been fake.
  4. It was a Balenciaga :sad:

    The seller had 100% positive feedback too...
  5. It could have been any reason why the bag was pulled, not necessarily because it is fake (but not ruling that out either). However, authentic bags get pulled all the time.
  6. People report authentic bags for bogus things like shipping charges being too high, fakes when they're actually authentic, etc. because they want the auction to be pulled so they can make the seller a low offer outside of Ebay. The hope is that if they've had the auction pulled twice maybe the seller will just want to be rid of it and sell it to them for less than it would go for at auction. The a**holes of the world are ruining ebay for everyone else and it sucks. I hope you end up getting the bag.
  7. *sigh*

    Well, the shipping was on the high side, but I was willing to overlook that cos I want the bag so much.

    I guess I can only hope that the seller lists the bag again, so that I can have another shot at it. URGH. So frustrating!!
  8. Do you have the eBay name of the seller? If yes, you can contact him without a listing :yes: Just search for him and then click the "Contact member" option. Maybe he can explain to you what has happened?!
  9. Iwould wait and see. It may be listed again or the seller may contact you as you did get that second chance offer. There are many reasons the listing may have been pulled, its a shame they dont tell us.
  10. do you have a link?
  11. I tried doing that, but as the seller has no other items listed, eBay deduced :shrugs: that I was trying to communicate about an item that was no longer listed, and didn't allow me to do so.

    Is it okay to post a link to eBay here? Just wanted to be sure least I get into trouble. Either way, both links don't work anymore. Just get redirected to a page that says "The Listing is Unavailable". :sad:
  12. Yeah, sorry but if it's been pulled, there will be no link. Maybe you could try to google the auction and see if you can find a cached page?

    But I would be very careful. If for some reason you bought it and it DID turn out to be fake, you would get no protection via paypal since the transaction would have been made outside of ebay.
  13. I was thinking along the lines of suspected shill bidding. If it was pulled on grounds of being fake, ebay will not let the item be relisted.
  14. Okay. So I received an email from the seller outside of eBay for a 2nd offer.

    Since that warning alert from eBay to warn me to NOT conduct any business outside of eBay, I was really careful, and asked why the auction was pulled twice. His explaination was that his account was stolen by some scammers, but it's all fixed now.

    This is an except from his email to me

    "We will have this done 100% safe and sure via eBay and UPS,according to the latest eBay Policy and Rules.
    If you're ready for this purchase, I need to know your eBay user ID, full name and address.
    As soon as I have them I'll start the official procedure,and eBay will notify you about this."

    He also offered to ship free for me, which would be a really nice gesture IF this was all legit.

    Any opinions? To top it off, the bag has been relisted on eBay, and there's another a bid on it. Can the seller really just close the auction, and conduct the transaction with me via eBay as per his email?

  15. Can you post the link here so we could see? That would help, thanks! But yes, last week an auction was pulled because one of the bidder's account was hacked.