What's happening with the Suhali Lockit Verone? Quality?

  1. Last week I have bought my Suhali Lockit in Verone. The next day I have find out, that the seam of the inside pocket was totally open, I can put my hand trough the pocket till on the bottom of the bag and outside of the bottom there was a scratch. I called at the store, the SA said me that they will repare it and give it back to me.:wtf: I was soo disappointed about this message. Long story but:
    Yesterday is was at the store. This SA was very kind and she was very shocked about the defect in the inside pocket and the scratches on the bottom.
    She told me, that it's impossible to repair it and to give it back to me (the SA on the phone told me, that they want to repair it and to give it back to me!:nuts:). There was 2 other Locktis in the boutique in Verone, and whe have inspected both very good. Both have had faults! The borders of the bottom wasn't "smooth", they have had a lot of "waves" and swellings. The SA was very shocked and me too. So I came back at home without a new Lockit - they want order an other one in a other store in Switzerland. All the 3 Lockits in Verone have had faults, the blue and white ones were ok.:nuts::nuts:
    I`m happy, that the SA and the manager think also, that it isn't reasonable to give me one of these bad finished bags. What's happening with the Suhali bags in Verone??
  2. Wow that sounds pretty bad! So is the defect mostly in the verone color? Hmm...wonder why?
  3. I am glad that your return worked out OK:love: I wonder if they are sourcing the leather from a different place for the verone??? I love the verone colour....are you going to get something else??
  4. So odd- guess I won't be ordering anything Verone over the phone lol :p
  5. Well, I guess we are witnessing the effects of mass production. It's a shame to see this kind of thing happen. And to think the suhali lines are affected too. I'm very disappointed. :tdown: It's natural for a few lemons to turn out of a production line, but the entire stock?
  6. :true:
    When I went to buy my Lockit MM in Verone before Christmas, I had to return after few days because the first time, the only Lockit MM in Verone in the store had the central vertical seam of one side out the bag not perpendicular but a little oblique:tdown:... I noticed it, they were to sell me that bag!!!

    It was reeeaallly undetectable but I'm terrible in seeing these things, I'm a picture-frames straightener!
    When I noticed it they had to admit it, and in the mirror looking it was more visible!
  7. I'm waiting now for an other one of an other store. But my enthusiasm for that bag isn't the same like before.:crybaby: I don't know, if I'll take it. I will have a very good look at it and then I deciede.
    I'm so disappointed, because I like this colour, its versatile and for winter and summertime. But at the moment, I'm not shure if I'll go for a Suhali bag generally or maybe I change to an other brand! The quality of the Suhali seems not no be what it should, if I see the pricerange....:tdown:
  8. I regret, that this happened to you! This is spoiling absolutely my joy and my enthusiasm for the Suhali Lockit. Maybe I'll do without it?!:confused1:
  9. Don't do that!! You MUST have a look at the bag before you buy it. Otherwise you have troubles after - better to go at the store and see different bags.
  10. Update: I just called my SA and I have told her to cancel the order of an other Lockit in Verone. I would definitely no more one. I have lost all my joy for it and I'm shure it's not worth the price.:crybaby:
  11. ^^ that is sad to read .. I have had my white lockit since it was launched and have never had any issues with it ... are you going to get anything to replace it???
  12. Yes, I would have a new bag ofcourse - but i have a Dilemma: I don't like the Epi bags because they have the silver hardware (most uf my jewellery is yellow), and I don't like to mixe. I have something in white gold with diamonds, but I don't wear it often.
    I would have a leather bag, but LV has only Suhali and Epi what I like. So I think about the Hampstead PM in azur, but it's a canvas bag too. :confused1:
    I'm confused now and a little sad (because I was sooo excited about the Lockit!:crybaby:) and I don't know, what to doo. Any opinions?
  13. OMG that is terrible! I'm so sorry about this....I can totally understand your loss of love for the Lockit in Verone, but how about going for another colour, maybe blue or white? Or alternatively you could buy the Le Talentueux? Please keep us informed...
  14. I would stick to something from the Suhali line as it is the classiest and the leather is amazing; Damier Azur is yet again canvas. Why don't you get the Suhali Lockit in white? :smile:
  15. ...because I like to have a leather bag for winter and summertime. I live in Switzerland, whe have Snow and cold weather in winter, and I would never wear a white bag in wintertime (i'm an "older" lady!). And I have two blue bags (Epi and Baggy PM)
    I think about the Summit Drive in Amarante? Puh, I'm very confused now.