whats GUCCI handbag/shoulder bag under $1000 would you recommend?

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  1. Whats GUCCI handbag/shoulder bag under $1000 would you recommend?

  2. I like anything from the Abbey line, Britt line, and the D-gold line is nice too!!
  3. d-gold!
  4. D-gold hobo, great price and great looking. =)
  5. Thanks! I am so interested in the d gold.
  6. Abbey D ring hobo, D gold hobo, or Pelham
  7. D-gold hobo .... I love the style and would like this to be my first one !
    Still trying to get one, currently out of stock tho ... :sad:
  8. ooops you said under 1k, so not the pelham.
  9. I'd go for a 'chain' medium hobo with horsebit detail strap ($850). I purchased a D-gold hobo as my first Gucci bag and sort of regret it. The circular shoulder strap is not too comfortable on your shoulder after a while, as it digs into your shoulder. I don't even have many items in my bag to weigh it down that much. I've posted about my complaints before -- another thing is that where the strap meets the gold ring to attach to the bag, the threads begin to frey. So I brought it back to Gucci and they sent it out for repair saying that they could seal the area so it wouldn't happen again...... I get it back, and it is in better condition... but still freying. Looks like they just trimmed the threads. All in all, I'd say throw in a little more and get a horsebit hobo instead.

    I wish I had purchased the horsebit hobo instead as my first bag............
  10. I am so sorry to hear that. I bought the med chain hobo anyway before reading your statement. I tried alot of Gucci bags and the chain hobo was sturdy and the shoulder strap was very comfortable. A CLASSIC BAG!

    I thank you so much, you always have ebay to sell your unwanted treasure.:yes:
  11. congrats on your medium chain hobo!!!
  12. Thank you very much