What's good for Mother's day?

  1. I really can't decide what to get my Mom for Mother's day! She has been absolutely drooling over my Coach collection for awhile, but she has never really gotten into more expensive bags. I think it's time for her to start! I want to get her something small, but decent sized. She is a short, petite woman, carries a few basic things, wallet, cell, keys, makeup bag, and checkbook. She never carries any large handbags, she is very trendy and cute, and usually sticks to neutral colors, but I am trying to get her away from BLACK PURSES!

    These are what I was thinking for her:

    khaki carly signature demi

    chocolate cotton carly demi

    small ergo hobo in turquoise (the one for $198)

    legacy signature flap

    So I guess my question is, do these sound like a good fit for my Mom? Are they roomy enough for an average working mother? She will want to use it daily. Any other suggestions? I'd really like some help, I guess I don't know what a Mom really needs in a purse! Thanks all! And I hope you are all getting excited for your own mother's day gifts!
  2. How about a Coach gift card and then out to lunch after shopping?
  3. Go for the khaki Carly. I LOVE mine and it holds a ton!
  4. :sad: she lives in NY, and I in OH...I need to send her something to show her my love! So unfortunately shopping and lunch is out of the question :sweatdrop:. I'm afraid if I get her a gift card she will never make the time to go in and use it, which is why I want to have something sent right to her. She can always return it to the boutique if it is not her style, right? For store credit?

    I am leaning toward the carly, I like to hear that is holds a lot of stuff!
  5. I say either the carly signature demi or the legacy signature flap
  6. I agree-either of these bags should be a big hit!
  7. What about the signature Legacy zip? I have this bag and it holds alot! You can get it in all leather.
    I would also go with the Ergo in turquise.
    Let us know what you decide!
  8. imo, legacy signature flap!
  9. I vote for the legacy signature flap too...although the chocolate Carly demi was so cute when I saw it in the boutique a few days ago that I couldn't stand it!

    I only bought my mom a Coach trigger snap keyfob for Mother's Day...I need to ease her into the thought of me buying her Coach. But for her birthday or Christmastime I think it will be time for a bag! :p
  10. I bought my mom the same carly demi. AND SHE DIDN'T LIKE IT! She usually carries a tiny Liz Claiborne and the carly didn't fit everything that she had in her purse! The zipper it low on it so the inside is as tall as a mini skinny/ cell phone. IMO...... The signature stripe demi holds more. What about a small hobo? Thats a great starter bag, and the one I am eyeing for my mom.
  11. I like both of these recs though I lean toward saying to get her a leather bag. It's more classic and she'll probably use it more imho. And like you said, she could always return.
  12. I bought my mother a Soho black wallet for Mother's day. I sure hope she likes it. It will go with the black Coach purse which I purchased for her.