What's good/bad for uclers?

  1. I have a couple of uclers in my mouth right now. They are like round, the size of the top of a pencil and white in color. It's on my tongue, lips and it's really painful though small in size. Does anyone has that before? What do you take or avoid when you have uclers?
  2. Gargle some salted water as often as possible..it will sting a little but help keep it clean and dry it out little by little till it's gone..
  3. Thanks I'll give it a try. Hope it doesn't sting that much (but I've a feeling it will).
  4. Have fun! :tup:
  5. It stingsss :yucky:
  6. :yes: It's working!! (u chose the perfect emoticon btw, it's so cute!!)
  7. Lol