what's going to be your next Chanel purchase?

  1. i have my eyes on the giant flap travel bag and a large CC logo brooch. how about you?
  2. I'm thinking a Reissue or a WOC...

    BUT all bets are off if I can find a So Black M/L or Jumbo at a decent price!

    *sigh* a girl can hope... :girlsigh:
  3. I am having a little shopping break but 2016 will be a classic ml in black caviar, a mini ( am loving the pale pink caviar rhw that has been posted elsewhere) and a seasonal, perhaps a grey boy..
  4. I'm hoping for light pink caviar jumbo with pale gold or silver hardware in 2016. With my luck they'll probably be another price increase if they make my wish list combination, so I've been putting extra funds away just in case.
  5. I am waiting for the combos of a red caviar with silver + a navy caviar with silver in flapbag either Med or Jumbo. Also I would be happy to pick up a box bag as well (other than white as in the pix)
  6. I'm eyeing a lot of other brands next year, but if the perfect red jumbo or boy comes by I'll hop on it! Same goes for So Black chevron. And maybe a nice coin purse.
  7. Mini rectangular caviar classic!!! In a fun fun color! (Just got a gold metallic) but want another color
  8. A mini in black or navy shw or a 224 in same color combo
  9. A red jumbo flap
  10. be careful with the so black chevron. i had to return 2 times due to crumpling / quality issues w/ the leather. it was the med/large size. after that, i just decided not to get it.
  11. Based on the color palettes of the recent Rome collection, I am PRAYING that a grey classic or reissue flap comes out. I have been looking high and low for a classic or reissue flap in a medium to dark shade of grey but have been unsuccessful.

    Other than that, if there is in fact another price increase, I am saying goodbye to Chanel for good and devote full time to Hermes.
  12. My whishlist

    1) so black chevron
    2) black on black jumbo/ ml
    3) taupe/dark grey jumbo ( or any other size)
    4) black boy with ghw
  13. Obsessed with reissues so I'm thinking of 225 in black ghw or a black old medium boy ghw. Just hope I won't hit the next increase...sigh.
  14. Chanel black/ beige leather espadrille shoes.
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    So many to buy but so little money.
    But I really hope to have one more boy flap in GHW.
    May consider a pre-owned one to avoid paying sky-high prices.
    I need to sell some of my unused bags to make way for it

    And also a large O-case clutch in Black Cavier GHW
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