What's going on???

  1. The last time I listed and sold something was maybe a month ago. I was billed for my listing fees and I paid for everything already.

    This month, I'm charged $1.43 but I don't know why since I haven't listed anything else!! I'm set up with paypal, so they're automatically going to take the money from my account. I almost want to let it go because it's not very much money, but at the same time I'm wondering if they've done this to anybody else?? $1.43 x 23957385793 people is a lot of money and I'm already peeved that eBay makes so much money from us sellers.

    Has this happened to anybody else? Any ideas about what I should do? Thanks guys!!
  2. could it have been a charge that was added after they sent out the invoice?
  3. I have had to get a hold of the accounting department at eBay and they are very helpful.
    Email them your concernt and they will tell you what its for..and if you disagree..just tell them..they are very good and have adjusted charges when there has been a problem.
    Hope this helps
  4. ladyisobel-- I don't think so...I say this b/c I track those charges pretty carefully and I add up what they charge me for my listed items. That $1.43 definitely came out of nowhere.

    legacyboutique-- Thank you so much! I'm happy to hear they are good at adjusting prices..I was worried it would be a long drawn out process. I will contact eBay first thing in the morning! :tup:
  5. Agree about contacting eBay. In the meantime, you can have a look at your invoices via the "Accounts" section in my eBay. They don't charge you unless they send an invoice first. There should be a lone invoice for $1.43 if it's a later charge...