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  1. :cursing: I've listed my lilac city for sell on eBay... I did not overcharge or anything. I even need to take a loss after listing fees, final value fees and paypal fees. However, people give me such low offers like AUD1000 for a brand new discontinued colour bbag??? What's wrong???

    Gals, please tell me how much you think is a reasonable price for a brand new lilac city?
  2. Yep thats what you get on eBay, it's insulting I know:cursing:
  3. :shrugs:
    I wish I knew what price to tell you, but I think it is a timing thing. I have a Lilac First I want to sell, but I have seen so many Lilac auctions getting no bids, I am going to wait awhile. Besides there being a few of them available on eBay, I think when a new season of colors has been announced a lot fo gals want to sell bags to save up for their new bags rather than buy. If you take a look at what bags are up for auction, there is an abundance of really great bags rather than fakes and so so bags. These bags deffinitely seem to be from serious Bal lovers/collectors cleaning house for F/W 07 bags. If possible and if you want to get as much as you can, maybe you should wait and list it in a couple of months.
  4. You can set it up so that any offers below some minimum that you decide will be automatically rejected. That will save you the frustration...

    I would not set your asking price higher than retail, as a point of reference. The Lilac '06 color is not especially sought after (at least not yet). Then, if you are going to take offers, I think it is reasonable to accept an offer up to 10% less than your asking price.
  5. ^^ I did not set my price higher than retail, but people are giving me like AUD1000 or even lower than that...

    I don't know that lilac would be so hard to sell at a reasonable price.
  6. I keep hearing that this is the wrong "season" to sell bags. I recently posted an absolutely mint Ferragamo for under $200. That was a ridiculously low starting bid for a like-new authentic Ferragamo, but got no bids. I also posted a Moschino that I've worn maybe twice for a little over one hundred. That won didn't get any bids either. Both are in perfect condition, are mid-size and black -- both totally conservative -- no weird frills, feathers, or anything. They got tons of watchers, but not a single bid. :cursing:That's a long way of saying, it's probably not your fault. I'm holding onto my bags for the moment (which is KILLING me -- I wanted some extra money to buy another b-bag!) until some time this summer when the buying presumably picks up.
  7. :push: Kathy K, I can understand how you feel!
    I want some extra money too~ I've been spending too much and is my bf birthday soon!

    Ahh~ :crybaby:
  8. I'm having the same problem selling my 06 grenat city on ebay. I've listed it twice and it was discounted $270 off of the retail price. I just purchased it and didn't like it, so that's why I'm having to sell it. I've gotten lots of really low offers too, but I'm definitely not willing to sell it that cheap! I'm just going to put it away for a while and try again in a month or two.
  9. spartancoaster, I have the same feeling! I don't want to give up my lilac for such a low price. Is a very pretty colour, but I really want some money before my bf birthday!!!!
  10. I know exactly how you feel. I have people offerering me $800 for my bag and it's brand new! I just can't do it! I was foolish and assumed that BalNY accepted returns so I never asked. I've learned my lesson!
  11. :cursing: Me too~ People offering me $800 for a brand new city bag! That is so low...
  12. I think it's has nothing to do if the color is desirable or not. I think it's a hit or miss when it lists. You never know who is looking for it at any given time. Eventually it will sell. My advice is always take clear photo's that give the potential buyer a good view of the bag. Don't post poor quality pictures, such as, blurry or dark, or that would make it look not so great or less enticing to the potential buyer.
  13. Ooh, Spartancoaster, I think I saw your City on ebay. Nice bag! Maybe we all just need to keep trying.
  14. Yeah, I'm not ready to give up just yet. I'm just going to take a breather and try again in a little while.
  15. Ooops, still no eBay topics here.
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