What's going on with this Gucci tote?

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  1. [​IMG]

    What do you guys think? It kind of scares me...especially the price tag of $1550.
  2. Oh.My.God. That is sooo fugly. It looks like the fabric off of someones hideous couch.
  3. Mmmmm.... asparagus...?
  4. reminds me of the chiquita banana lady......
  5. This print has actually grown on me, looks tropical to me-must be my Jamaican heritage.
  6. I love the fabric!

    Jamaica's beautiful! I was lucky enough to honeymoon there. :amuse:
  7. The print kinda reminds me of old-fashion bathroom tile. :sick:
  8. Hahahaha.. farmer chic.
  9. do i see pineapples?
  10. lemons, pineapples, palm trees ... ok ... I give up.
  11. back to herb =P (instead of back to earth)
  12. first thing that pops into my head is corn... i have no idea y
  13. The orange looking things on the bag remind me of carrots! :lol:
  14. children of the corn!
  15. it looks like a purse you can buy at an open air market while your vacationing somwhere near the beach. :P