What's going on with the cold/flu season this year?

  1. I usually get about two to three colds a year with several months in between of feeling healthy. This winter though I have been non stop with colds and sinus infections.
    Since November I've had three colds with lousy coughs. I've been to the doctor and she gives me antibiotics if the cold is not going away after a week to ten days. I just don't want to go back again and give her another $100. I take 3000 mg of Vitamin C everyday to prevent them and Airborne to help when I feel like something is coming on but nothing seems to be helping. Last year Airborne helped me.
    I know too that my niece (4) and nephew (2) have been getting colds a lot since starting school and I do spend time with them. Do you think I'm catching a lot from them? I am in my upper 40's and you would think I'd be immune to all of this!
    I never had kids but remember getting sick with colds and flu when I was younger.
    Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks!
    Also, I need to get out tomorrow and buy groceries and it's freezing! Maybe I should just stay in and wing it with what foods I have available.
  2. aww!! I hope you feel better! I can't really give medical advice, but perhaps advice based on what I've read/learned from experience will help. First- it's great that you're taking the Vitamin C. I had a short cold during December & the doctor told me that once the infection has attacked your immune system, it's up to your body to work it out & fight it off. The C might not do much at this point, because it's more for prevention & getting your daily supplement of vitamin C. Once the cold hits, the C won't give you an extra boost to fight it off or anything like that. Just FYI. Although I take extra too when I'm sick, haha, so that shows how much I listen to my doctor ;)

    I would keep taking Aiborne or Emergen-C, that will ward off any other infections that could get to you while your immune system is in overdrive. I think the golden advice when you're sick is to get ALOT of rest- at least 6-8 hrs of sleep every night, & take it easy during the day; if you work out, take it slowww or take the time off & just stretch/walk. And ALOT OF FLUIDS!!! keep drinking water throughout the whole day!! If you do these things while on the antibiotics, you should start to feel better in a few days, a week at the very most.

    If you are not feeling better by then, I would question what antibiotics you are on & what type of sickness/infection you actually have. I think medicine for the flu or for a common cold, or for a sinus infection, whatever it may be, all require different antibiotics, so ask you doctor if he/she has an exact diagnosis of what you have. When I get a sinus or respiratory infection, my doctor always puts me on a Z-Pac (Zithromax), and i get better. Just some info.

    I don't know how helpful this was, but I REALLY hope you feel better! Feeling crummy is the WORST, so get well soon! :smile:
  3. That really sucks. I hate being sick. I agree that Vitamin C is a good idea, but have you tried colostrum? Sounds weird but you can buy cow colostrum in pill form and I have a friend who is a super athlete and works full-time and she swears by it - she hasn't been sick in a year. Also, how much sleep are you getting? I've found that sleep has really affected my immune system. Last year I got cold after cold (I also worked with immuno-suppressed people and my supervisor at work was a smoker and constantly sick) but I was also getting up really early and feeling tired all the time. This year, I have a new job but I am in healthcare so I'm around people all the time who work with sick patients, but I also get up an hour later and I have been much healthier. One more thing - a humidifier might help, as sometimes dry air makes people more susceptible to colds.
  4. Thanks ash...I want to buy some more Airborne but I don't feel like getting out right now. I am such a baby when it comes to colds/flu and it's freezing here. I am drinking hot tea (decaf) with lemon and honey...hope that helps.
    I'm really tired of being sick so much this year. I'm allergic to so many antibiotics...Erythromycin (can't take Z-Pac), Avelox and Macobid so I take Penicillins. Thanks for your good wishes!
    jellybebe...thanks too! I never tried colostrum and never heard of it. I should do a search on it. I think I am getting enough sleep but since I am not working now I see my niece and nephew a lot which I love, but they have colds all the time. I'm wondering if you become immune to germs after working in healthcare or childcare. A humidifier is a great idea! We have a home humidifier, but maybe something extra is needed in the bedroom.
    Thanks for your help!
  5. i have a humidifier. im not sure if it makes any difference! lolol! im actually very sick today BUT A WARRIOR!! IM STILL ON PURSE FORUM!!
  6. Oh my clearstatic...I symphasize with you. Hope you feel better soon. I'm on the PF too!!
  7. I've had a cold since last Saturday, the 12th....it started out with a headache, then a runny nose, then a sore throat, which I still have.
  8. Wow...carol and I see you live in California. I guess it doesn't matter if you live in a cold/hot climate the cold virus is everywhere. Hope you feel better soon. Mine started last Thursday and I'm drinking decaf tea like crazy!
  9. I can relate...i've been sick so much this winter season. I dont understand, usually i'm really resistent to colds and flus but not this season. Sometimes i wonder if exercise really makes your immune system stronger, because it's not working with me i think it's actually made it weaker at times. BAH!
  10. I've been drinking Day Quil and Ny-Quil....and i've been popping cough drops like crazy!!!!!
  11. I spent a few days in the hospital last week as a result of a Norovirus infection. (Stomach flu, though the virus is not related to influenza) It was horrble beyond horrible, had to have IVs in my arms since I was so severely dehydrated. To tell you the truth it was all kind of hazy since they gave me dilaudid (sp?) every 3 hours for the terrible abdominal cramping pain. It was one terrible experience that I do not wish on anybody. My husband was my rock, without him caring for me I would have fallen into despair. Day Quill and Motrin seem to keep me going right now, my energy level is still low.
  12. I thought I'd got away with not having a cold/flu over winter, then I got struck down with one this weekend just gone. It spoiled my weekend and made me feel like I'd not had a break, but at the same time I was glad not to have had to take any time off work.
  13. My whole family has been dealing with sinus issues for months. Everyone had bronchitis then it is this allergy thing. The worst ever and all my friends have the same. I got humidifiers for the bedrooms and that seems to help. The Airborne is a good thing to do. I do fresh orange juice and I am at loss as what else I can add to make us feel better.
    People have said out winter has not been cold enough to kill what ever is in the air. We need a good snow.
    Hope you feel better soon.
  14. This makes a lot of sense. Hope you feel better soon too.
  15. Oh I sympathise, I had first a cough & feeling rotten, then seemed to get the real flu just as I thought I was getting better! All in all it spoiled my Christmas, I was 4 weeks before I felt myself again! Dunno what it is this year but never had anything so bad! I think that it is that weather has not been severe enough to kill the bugs.
    Unfortunately I took antibiotics which I never do in the first half of the virus, they are no good for killing a virus but I had an important function to attend & thought I needed to do something to help! I think that these weakened my immune system as they do & left me open to virus number 2!
    Unless you have a confirmed infection which I didn't have don't take antibiotics, that's my advice!
    I would stay in also if you can, as it was Christmas I went out & it didn't help! Loads of freshly squeezed orange juice & chicken soup if you have it! Hope you feel better soon!