What's Going on with Shopbop??

  1. Shopbop used to be my favorite site for clothes. But have you noticed in the past year, they stopped issuing coupon codes; they changed the return policy on sale items; and now the clothes they carry are so expensive, you can't find a cute top for under $150 unless it's a T-shirt? And even then it's still like $70?! They even got rid of my favorite exotic brunette model (she modeled all the Juicy.)

    They've started carrying some pretty expensive brands, and without those coupon codes, it's very unfavorable to shop there anymore.

    One good thing is they've included free shipping on their orders.
  2. I totally feel you. I just to shop with them all the time. Not sure whats going on but I am sure they are loosing tons of customers. I love clothes, but will not spend $200 on a tunic.
  3. Yeah, they're getting pretty out of hand. They've forced me to use Revolveclothing.com instead!!
  4. My thoughts exactly! I haven't purchased anything from Shopbop in about a year because I can find anything I really want on there at another site that offers a coupon code!
  5. I agree with everyone. I now only get stuff from sale section.
  6. I agree with your comments, although this past weekend, I spent over $400 on two dresses and two bathing suits (which I guess is a good haul). Of course, it's too late to use the coupon since everything has shipped. But, it's the first time I purchased anything there in over a year!

    There was another dress I wanted that I ended up ordering on Active Endeavors with a 25% coupon code instead.
  7. What's the code? Thx
  8. code-TAXBREAK2007
    spend $100, get $20 off ($50 off $250, $100 off $500)