Whats Going on with Ebay Sellers??

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  1. Hi all. I'm not entirely sure if this is going to post in the right place (as I normally just hang out in 'Authenticate This' but I thought I had to vent steam somewhere....and it doesn't relate to authencity. (I am fuming!!!)

    Just this last week I've won two Mulberrys by auction. A navy calf hair Roxy and just 5 minutes ago, a white Justin Ostrich holdall, but both sellers pulled out of the sale as the final prices weren't enough for them.

    The Roxy seller made up some story about the bag suddenly being damaged, (and even when I said I'd still buy at full price, they just ignored me from then on).

    The Justin seller actually told me she'd had an offer of more just before the end of the auction and so was going to take that instead!!

    Whats going on?? In all the years I've been buying on ebay, it seems people have just lost the plot recently. Is it the recession....am a bit unlucky at the moment or am I just being too harsh? I feel like leaving them all BIG negatives.... Has anyone else noticed more of this going on????
  2. It's a recession, that is unfortunate, EBAY has been on the decline, but it is really bad now
  3. It's really not on. I saw the Ostrich holdall and wondered who "got a bargain"?
    That being said, if they want more they should put a reserve on them and not waste buyers time.
    I think you can report them and I would be tempted to leave negative feedback too.
  4. That's not fair when you buy in good faith. Of couse you should leave negative feedback.
  5. I was really, really tempted to leave them both negatives but I try and save that just for the evil sods who sell fakes knowingly. I guess I should report them both but I'd guess ebay have bigger fish to fry as they never seem to take action on the fakes when I report them. Sorry, I am having a right whinge, aren't I. I will have to take myself off to Manchester King Street for a good old spend and cheer myself up....
  6. No I understand completely.
    I bought a ring once and this happened to me. Annoying though I had my eye on two and the other one sold in the meantime.
    I would leave negative feedback as it shows other potential buyers...who they are buying from and what to expect.
  7. Its really not on - as Rachiem says, if they wanted me then they have put a reserve on them.

    If you don't want to leave them negatives, just leave them neutral feedback stating that they pulled out or cancelled the sale after the end of the auction. It still gets the message across to other potential buyers but its not actually a negative mark (although honestly I think they deserve negatives).

    Every seller is just trying to get as much money as possible although every buyer is also trying to get bargains at the same time.

    I haven't bought anything from eBay for years because I got fed up with all the fakes so now I just either buy from Outlet (which us Mulberry girls are lucky enough to have in the UK) or pay full price.
  8. yes, you are right. I've left them both neutrals as other people have to know what they might be letting themselves in for. Its quite sad really as the Calf Hair Roxy Seller has sold a few Mulberrys before (all genuine) so should know better. I know the Justins were on sale at Shepton for £395 (as I actaully bought one already) so I think this is just someone 'chancing' a Mulberry sale.

    Oh well, I guess there are some people out there who need that extra few quid more than their reputation, and what-goes-around-comes-around, I say. (Gosh, don't I sound philosophical!..) I guess thats a bit of an improvement on fuming?
  9. Im with you AliceA - Im fuming too.

    I was the highest bidder on the Selfridge Bays this morning but under reserve. I emailed seller and we agreed a BIN price, and for her to invoice me ..........she has now sold it to someone else!

    Not happy!!
  10. Can you report them as a Non Performing Seller? I knew that facility used to be available so I presume it still is. If they then don't agree to sell to you, then they will get the equivalent of a strike and they will be then sailing very close to the suspension wind. Mulberry always takes a dip in prices in the summer, has for as long as I can remember on ebay, which is exactly the right time to grab a bargain. The seller is contractually obliged to sell to you at the final price and if they were a decent person, they would just accept the loss and move on.
  11. These sellers are not decent though, they are just being greedy and wanting their cake and eat it. There is no excuse, if they want a minimum amount they either set a reserve or start at an upper price but they don't because it means they have to pay afew quid more in listing fees. I'd report them as a non performing seller, don't agree a mutual withdrawal because that means they get their listing fees back.
  12. what a disappointment!!! i think leaving them neutral comments was a good solution, other potential buyers should be warned!

    one question: what does setting a reserve mean?
  13. OMG Mulberry Ellie....Go to PM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:shocked:
  14. Its when you set a ££ level that is the minimum price that you would sell an item for. The least you can set on ebay is £50 but if you had a Mulberry that you really didn't want to see go for less than £300 you can set this amount as a 'reserve' and if the bids don't reach that amount, then it doesn't sell.
  15. A reserve is the minimum amount you are willing to accept, it's an undisclosed amount in the listing so you could have a starting price of 99p and a reserve set at £100 and the listing will show that reserve is not met until bidding reaches £100. If the auction ends with the highest bid being £90 then the item is not sold.

    Edit: As per Alice's post! :smile: