What's going on with all these Coach leathers peeling?

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  1. #1 Sep 15, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 15, 2010
    Do you think these Coach leathers are peeling and having issues because of all the coating? I have had Wilson's leather and Tignanello leather bags and none of them peeled. My Legacy leather tote didn't peel but lately, all these ladies are having leather issues. I guess I assumed the quality would be better but it sounds like leather bags that are dyed a beautiful hue do better than those that are coated.

    I am really sorry you are all having issues with your bags. I still love Coach but I am taking a break on their bags for a while and trying out some other designer brands.
  2. I was wondering the same thing! What is going on !!!!!!!! I have sohos from years ago, white, black, brown. They don't peel! I have carlies, zoes, bleeker, legacy, cambridge and none of them peel either! Some of them have little scratch marks as a sign of wear but there is no white showing under the color!
  3. Over time, as leather processing gets more creative and colors/shapes/textures are found it is possible that the production of some of these colors causes the issues that some users are seeing.
  4. I totally agree. As the leathers have gotten different and more creative, more problems have come up and it's probably just from the fact that it's a different process to make these textured ones or croc ones or more unique colors, especially the metallic and that process just hasn't quite been perfected and really it may never be totally. There's also the whole cost cutting aspect too, all companies do it to a certain extent so they can keep up with trends and still make money. It's definitely disappointing though since some of these bags are just so pretty!!
  5. About Patent Leather....
    As the owner of three different patent bags: Patent Peyton, Patent Sabrina, Patent Audrey, I do not understand what is going on with these new bags! All three of mine are fairly recent, 09-10 date codes, if I remember correctly. No probs at all with any of them.
    I am scared to death to order anything over $400 or patent now. Maybe I should just stick with Madison?
    I really want that Cran Maggie...a part of me wants to take a chance and try to order it with PCE (to save $$$) and if it is messed up I can send it back.
    But the other part of me wants to wait...and maybe pick it up later at full price.
    I have not decided what to do yet...I have until Friday, so I hope someone else gets another patent bag.
  6. I have the poppy tartan glam (red plaid) from several seasons ago. I was lucky to score it NWT on ebay. I have been using the bag since July. I just realized over the weekend that my handles (patent) are peeling. I really like the bag but I am not happy. If I do send it in is this problem really significant enough for them to send me a credit? Amazingly enough I am also having zipper issues with the matching zip around wallet
  7. I have been luck with my bags. Such as the Maggie Ink and the Maggie Crkl Gunmetal but I am getting mor and more nerves...
  8. I agree, Coach Addict...I am scared!
    I am so torn between that cran and something else. :sad:
  9. I've never seen a real leather bag peel like these either...

    Could it have to do with the thinner leather? Maybe the leather is so thin that it has to be glued to a backing so the bag has shape? Maybe that combined with the processing of the leather makes it more fragile and more apt to "peel"?

    When the leather peels, what does it look like under?
  10. I wouldn't say the leather "peeled" exactly on the handles of my Alexandra. (gunmetal) It looked more like it had been rubbed off. Under the fabulous metallic color was a icky beige color. I had only had it 2 months! It's ridiculous.
  11. #11 Sep 15, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 15, 2010
    Just thinking outloud

    the question is , if any company is trying new things and want to sell it

    there should be testing guidelines they should be doing on their part to make sure their product is superior before it is sold

    these bags were not thought of yesterday, the sketches are done and material cut many months in advance ( maybe over a year ago) before they are shipped to JAX

    Testing should be a crucial part of the product they are trying to sell
    I would think that making a few samples and making sure they would hold up
    would be the best thing you could do for your company before they are made in bulk and sent out.

    if the bags were only 50 bucks then oh well but for Coach to make such inferior bags and tag them as premier, is not, the greatest thing you can do for their company

    and if the company does have testing, and the product is sold and then they find out there is problem, then i would think they should have a way to track it and find out what team was involved in cutting , sewing, and so forth and find out why they couldnt do their job and salvage the problem. Maybe they could some how by doing a recall or what ever it takes to satisfy the customer.

    it doesnt matter, if they stand behind their product, I think if you stood behind your product , you should be proud to know you dont have to repair a thing, LOL, but instead, Coach's customers have to take back , return and or ship them out for repair and pay 20 bucks for that service and wait for it to come back.

    well that is just my 2 cents, that is all i can spare today, Lmao
  12. /\ita!
  13. Well said...:ty:
  14. Metallics are a pain, they're notorious for wear. I had a Chloe Paddington where the metallic rubbed off on the back panel of the bag after about a month. There's something painful about a $1400 bag wearing like that:Push:
  15. My husband works in a test lab for an auto supplier and I know that's a far cry from purses :smile: but he is in charge of running tests on equipment before it is put into production and into the vehicles. He runs tests that include heat/cold & humidity testing, vibration, chemical analysis, etc.....anyways he has told me before that if one ingredient in a mix of chemicals is off the slightest, then it can cause problems for that one batch. Or if something is exposed to certain elements then it can cause problems. He said that each auto company requires different tests and some companies are very stringent and some don't require much testing at all (ahem....not naming names here!). So if Coach isn't testing these well and seeing how this patent material holds up to extreme temps, flexing, etc. then they are just costing themselves more money in the long run and they could be losing several loyal customers. What a shame!