What's going on in the Vegas outlets?

  1. I'll be there Tuesday and CAN'T wait!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We used to live there and get back quite often (couple times a year).

    I really like the Coach outlet at the newer outlet mall (Las Vegas Premium Outlets). I've only been to the other one on Vegas Blvd South (LV Outlet Center?) once and wasn't impressed but I know outlets are so hit and miss. Do you suggest I go to both?? Any cool things there right now?

    Also, I have three teen daughters and will probably be buying a lot for them for Christmas and little things for them to give to friends. One time I was there I got mini-skinnies for around $20 and bought 6 of them. Oh, I wish I'd bought more because you can't find a gift for $20 and the girls LOVED them. If I found a deal like that and bought 10-15 would that flag me?? I don't want to cause issues. I also have teen nieces so I could really use some gift items to stash away.
  2. I've been to the Premium Outlet and the one at the Primm Outlet last week. The Premium was not that great, I like the one at Primm. They had more things that I was interested in like the bags and charms. I bought a keychain from the Primm Outlet, they seem to have more selections over there since it's pretty far and not much people go there compared to the one at Premium. It's usually crowded and crazy even during the week day because it's not really far away from the Vegas Strip and locals. Just go to both, I did! haha.
  3. I wasn't as impressed with the one at Primm. They had the same things but the two outlets in Vegas had them at an additional 20% off. Strange Primm didn't have the same deals. I know things change on a daily basis tho, so I'll probably go to all three.
  4. Yeah, it's just better to go to all three! It's not like they are many hours away from eachother anyway. That's what so good about Vegas. Other states have their Coach boutiques and outlets hours away from them. The time I went Primm had additional 20% off. Maybe it's best to call before going their since it's the farthest. Well, Good luck and Happy Shopping!
  5. Those are the outlets I hit, and they usually have different things.. I do have to say that Primm, even though it is another 30 minutes out of my way, the last few times has had by FAR the best stuff.. they had newer things, legacy things, the other outlets act like you are crazy if you ask about legacy. If you can, go to Primm for sure, because I was just there about a week ago and they had some GREAT Things!!!! :tup:
  6. I just got back from the Veags Outlets. I did not get a chance to go to Primm...but I must say I was definately disappointed in the Vegas ones. I live in KY so my closest outlet is in Tennessee and I thought they had a better selection down there. I came back with nothing. :tdown: But there was a convention in town the 2nd biggest convention of the year the week we went so maybe that was a factor, even though I got there exactly when they opened so I am not sure. But it was definately a let down. They had better deals at the Macy's and Nordie's there then the outlets.
  7. I just got back from Vegas last night... didn't go to the Primm outlet but went to the other two... not impressed. I didn't get anything which is a very rare occurance for me!
  8. Sorry you didn't have any luck there either. I am kinda glad I didnt find anything because my friend just gave her 25% PCE card for November and I am going to try and get something I really wanted that was not available in the outlets. Best of luck Coachfanatic.
  9. so nothing good at the outlets?
  10. I'm flying there tomorrow and will be there thru Sunday. I'll check in here during my trip and let you know, ok?
  11. aawww..thanks so much! and then i'll be flying out the following week! ;)

    hopefully if theres any good stuff.. i can call a day in advance and place it on hold...

    have fun shopping!