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  1. I just received an email purporting to come from aw-confirm@eBay.com/ It says (with identifying details omitted):

    [FONT=Arial, Verdana]Dear *******, [/FONT]
    [FONT=Arial, Verdana]Your eBay password has been changed. [/FONT]
    [FONT=Arial, Verdana]This is a courtesy notice. No response is needed. [/FONT]
    [FONT=Arial, Verdana]If you or anyone with authorised access to your account did not make this change, please send an email to password@eBay.com. [/FONT]
    [FONT=Arial, Verdana]The Password Change request was made from:
    IP address:******
    [FONT=Arial, Verdana]ISP host:******[/FONT]
    [FONT=Arial, Verdana]Thank you,
    Now this 'password change' relates to an old Ebay account that I closed well over 6 months ago and have not touched since. I have forwarded the email to spoof@ebay.co.uk and not yet received a reply.

    I am worried though - has someone hacked in to my old account? Eek:wtf:
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  2. It sounds like it could also just be a phishing email - DON'T click anything in the email....

    I've never gotten an email when I've changed my password with eBay, so something is a little odd there....
  3. I would follow this up, either through ebay help, or a phone call-when I changed my address and password (US) I had to jump through a lot of hoops, the last of which was clicking on a link that they sent to my new address-don't reply to the email you received, go into ebay and look for the "crook" links-better safe than sorry!
  4. If the message was not also in your "My Messages" ebay folder then it is definitely fake. Only reply through your official ebay account. Scammer will try anything...
  5. If it has been changed (check my ebay), contact Ebay immediately - because someone may have hacked into your account to sell their counterfeit goods. I've heard that these people target 'dormant' accounts, because it is less likely that they will be caught quickly. I'm not sure if they have 'live help' in the UK Ebay, but this would be the quickest way to go.

    If it is a 'phishing' email, just forward to 'spoof@ebay.com'. I've learned never to click on any links on any emails from paypal / ebay, I always go through their websites instead!

    Sounds like you are on the ball Miss Sooky - you should get this sorted out very quickly!
  6. Trouble is I can't log on to that old account now as the details are 'invalid' which suggests somewhere along the line, someone other than me has got into the account. Thanks for all the suggestions. I have not clicked on anything in the message and forwarded the original email. I hope that this is a quirk of closing accounts . . .I'll let you know just as soon as someone from Ebay gets back to me . . .
  7. It sounds fake to me, but you are right to double-check with eBay. Keep us posted!
  8. I will! Still no word from my email to the spoof address though . . . .Hmmm
  9. Have you tried searching for items for sale under that ID? You could use the 'community' page in the Ebay system to look the ID up, and then click on 'items for sale'. If there are any - then you know your account has been hacked into. You could also use a tool like Goofbay (Goofbay) to see if that ID has bid on any items in the past 30 days. Just a thought!
  10. Ebay will only address you by your real name, not your member name, e-mail address or "Ebay member". PayPal is the same way.

    I agree, DON'T hit on any link in these e-mails, and check your Ebay messages under that account name if you are still able.

    When you send an e-mail to spoof@ebay.com you usually receive some kind of confirmation almost immediately, but it can take uo to 48 hours to receive a follow-up e-mail verifying the e-mail is indeed bogus. Would you by chance have another e-mail connected to the old account?

    Good luck. You never know WHAT to expect with Ebay or PayPal these days...
  11. Geez! That's crazy. If (big IF here) it is legit, there's no reason they should be doing that without your permission. Let us know what happens!
  12. forward it to spoof@ebay immediately. they can tell you if its something you really need to follow up on.
  13. I've always gotten a letter from Ebay when I change my password (just like the one you posted). If it is real it will be in your ebay mail also. If it isn't, it's fake. If it is on your ebay mail, go to live help and tell them the situation.
    A girlfriend of mine got a letter like this one and it was her real current acct. When she tried to go into her ebay, she couldn't log in with her old password. Hackers had gotten into it and tried to sell things on her acct.