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  1. Can someone tell me why the threads can no longer be viewed without logging in first ? Is anyone else having this problem or is it now mandatory to be a member to view the site overall ?
    Its not a big deal but I'm curious to know if this is due to some new modifications :smile: .

  2. Yup, you've discovered soemthing I want to try out for a week or so. Time to get the lurkers to register. :supacool:
  3. and keeps the Banned's from reading doesn't it?
  4. This is a GREAT idea Vlad!
  5. I noticed that too. I think it's a great idea!
  6. I second this Idea :smile:
  7. This is perfect. So glad you did this, Vlad!:yes:
  8. Vlad something to consider is not everyone wants to register and people are quite comfortable lurking and/or reading a forum. I think the option should be left up to the individual. For instance, when I go to a bookstore or a public library, I would not want to register at the desk to let them know I'm just browsing nor do I want to interact with the patrons.

    This reminds me of the NSA and tracking people's communications via email or phones conversations. It's a little too much like Big Brother for a lot of people. Freedom of choice is important in cyberspace too after all it's an avid reader's dream come true. Please don't close the door on potential visitors who might enjoy your forum without wanting to register.

    What is the 1 percent rule? (An article addressing this issue)

    V is for Vendetta comes out on DVD Tues. Aug. 1st one of my favorite
    movies and yours too. A film with a powerful message that stays with you.
  9. every other forum i've lurked on has required me to register before i could read threads. i know firsthand that it is still possible to lurk even while you are a "registered member." :yes:

    if you don't want to participate, don't....but it's smart to require that you at least have a name that the admin can associate to you. that way, if you wake up someday and decide you're bored and want to cause trouble (it happens) they can manage it.

    oh, and fyi, my favorite book store does ask for your name and address when you walk in. :biggrin:
  10. Thanks for your concern. This is just a test phase before I decide what to do long-term.

    You need to realize that virtually every community (including myspace, facebook, etc) require users to create free accounts. Registering with tPF doesn't cost a penny and user email addresses won't be abused in any way.
  11. Thanks for answering my question Vlad ;) .
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