what's for me ladies?

  1. i LOVE this bag!!! i have a naturel city and love it to pieces! it might get dirty though for everyday school use. but it is a lovely neutral bag!
  2. go to school?
    i would get a bigger bag like work or weekender in the darker color .. cafe, truffle
    and yes, the natural is a new color for 2007
    you can trust that seller 100%
    she's awesome!!
  3. You're not supposed to post links to eBay sales on this forum.
  4. the color is really pretty but i'd rather get darker color bbags for school like Andy suggests
  5. oops.... sorry abt the link. still pretty new to this forum. thanks ladies! :smile:
  6. the city in natural is a nice neutral but for school i would go for a darker, bigger bag. I used my Day/Hobo at school it was perfect!!!
  7. i would be too afraid to bring light colour bags this expensive for schools :p
    it's pretty colour though!
  8. I agree with sea and the other girls on this one. I'd go for a darker color...
  9. I think if you did decide to get this style/color, you could buy it directly from a store and be able to return it if there was a problem (depending on where you bought it). I wouldn't pay retail for a bag that was still in a store. Many stores will ship for free and not charge sales tax if you live out of state.
  10. :yes: try aloharag or bny to name a few... they don't charge for shipping on orders over $500 and if you're out of state, you don't pay tax either.... if you live outside the US, aloharag will still ship for free and they even lower the price of the bag (on receipt) so that you will not have to pay huge custom fees... good luck!!
  11. A light Balenciaga bag and school do not mix in my opinion. I used a light coloured soft leather bag for school thinking that it would be fine but now the whole thing is sort of browny orange and has a pen mark on it :cursing: I still use the bag for school because if I get a new one I'll only ruin that as well. But at least it wasn't a Balenciaga :sweatdrop:
  12. i agree...i used a white prada bag for school and now she is yellow and very dirty