What's for lunch?

  1. raw foods
  2. roast beef lol
  3. tofu lettuce wraps
  4. dim sum
  5. Leftovers from last night, turkey burger and some mac & cheese.
  6. A Totino's cheese pizza!!! :drool:
  7. English muffin mini pizza (mini english muffin topped with spaghetti sauce, cheese, pepperoni's and chopped bell pepper).
  8. pad thai
  9. I just made myself a pretty salad. DH said I should take a photo of it so I did! :biggrin:

    pretty salad.jpg
  10. Ham & Swiss sandwich
  11. Veggie sushi from Whole Foods
  12. I had Chicken and Waffles in downtown Detroit. So yummy!
  13. turkey sandwich on pumperknickle and italian wedding soup from my favourite little coffee shop!
  14. I made myself a soy veggie burger and piled on plenty of salad.

  15. It IS pretty!! :flowers: