What's for lunch?

  1. Keeping it simple or splurging on yourself?

    I usually bring my lunch but today I'm going to Zea's and get a Spinach Chicken Salad...
  2. a bowl of chocolate cheerios and skim milk :smile:
  3. Chow Mien and Orange Chicken from Panda Express
  4. tuna sandwich
  5. salad from home
  6. I made a buffalo chicken wrap at home
  7. white spot with my dbf :heart:
  8. Sounds yummy! Recipe?
  9. Leftovers. Last night for dinner I made a southwest chicken soup in the crockpot, so for lunch I drained off some of the liquid and used the chicken and veggie filling in a wheat wrap. Yum!
  10. Haha nothing special! I just put leftover grilled chicken, lettuce, and a little bit of cheddar cheese in a tortilla with buffalo sauce on top :smile: It was deliciousss!
  11. beef and egg wrapped in flat rice noodle
  12. turkey and cheese in flat bread that I make at work.
  13. Vegie and salad burger.
  14. grilled chicken sandwich and blueberry muffin
  15. brought in a wrap with chicken & lettuce and some light caesar dressing with a side of red grapes :smile:
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