What's for dinner Tonight...yummy

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  1. Vietnamese Pho & springrolls.....yummmmmyyy.
  2. pizza and chicken...;)
  3. I feel like having sashimi ...
  4. pork chops, mash potato and gravy, steam carrots
  5. I'm either going to make enchiladas or pizza. I still have 22 minutes to decide.
  6. ooooo....sounds yummy;)
  7. Hubby has decided we are going to have sushi....so no Pho for me:crybaby:
  8. We're having these oyster noodle things..don't know the english name though :smile:
  9. A delicious sandwich from The San Francisco Bread Co. Tomatoes, lettuce, bean sprouts, cucumber, and spinach dip. mmmmm
  10. Leftover Thai food--basil pork for hubby and cashew chicken for me. Bangkok(sp?) rolls for both of us.
  11. My bf and I had subway, some chips, and canteloupe
  12. Brown Rice, tofu mushroom & pepper stir-fry :smile:
    Yesterday, I ate; an oreo milkshake, smarties cookie & fries sandwich so today is desperatly-tryna-make-up-day
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