Whats For Dinner, Guys?

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  1. ;) So, as much as we'd like to, we can't live on purses alone...we all gotta eat dinner! What are you guys having?
    Mine's some packaged chicken parmesan ravioli in a pesto sauce.
  2. Spaghetti and meatballs.
  3. its 12noon - tuesday here 21 march - about to have lunch very soon which is just toast! i'm trying SO hard to save for my next bag! im not dead yet so i guess im doing ok!
  4. I bought some already cooked crabs from costco and some crusty bread. Hope they're good!
  5. Popeye's chicken.....yuuuuuummmmm.....
  6. did u get the dungeness crabs?.....i love those :love:

    i'm having two slices of toast with sweet red bean paste sandwiched in between, pressed in a panin grill
  7. I think so! I just boil them in water for a little while right?
  8. probably a nice big salad though I would just love a big fat juicy steak.:nuts:
  9. Steamed broccoli and tofu, served on white rice. Plain, but so yummy !
  10. yup.....or you can pop them on a steamer and steam them......yummmmm ur so lucky......would love to get my hands on a big crab right now but must save for the next bag
  11. Nutri system pasta and meatballs meal..FINAL diet week before Jamacia! Can't wait! So each bite I take of that damn Nutri systems food at every meal...I picture my holiday!!!
  12. Heading out to Nobu 57 soon..not my choice by far.
  13. Baked boneless chicken breast and steamed broccoli.
  14. Tofu cooked with garlic, soy sauce and brown rice.
  15. cheese pizza..mmmmmmm