Food Whats For Dinner, Guys?


turn it upppp
Feb 24, 2006
;) So, as much as we'd like to, we can't live on purses alone...we all gotta eat dinner! What are you guys having?
Mine's some packaged chicken parmesan ravioli in a pesto sauce.
its 12noon - tuesday here 21 march - about to have lunch very soon which is just toast! i'm trying SO hard to save for my next bag! im not dead yet so i guess im doing ok!
USCgerl said:
I bought some already cooked crabs from costco and some crusty bread. Hope they're good!

did u get the dungeness crabs?.....i love those :love:

i'm having two slices of toast with sweet red bean paste sandwiched in between, pressed in a panin grill
USCgerl said:
I think so! I just boil them in water for a little while right?

yup.....or you can pop them on a steamer and steam them......yummmmm ur so lucky......would love to get my hands on a big crab right now but must save for the next bag
Nutri system pasta and meatballs meal..FINAL diet week before Jamacia! Can't wait! So each bite I take of that damn Nutri systems food at every meal...I picture my holiday!!!