What's For Breakfast?

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  1. For breakfast in the mornings, I will have a banana with oatmeal made with hot water, (no dairy ) oatmeal with raisins, or fresh muffins, my favourite's are, carrot, banana and raison bran. To drink I will have, a glass of orange juice or cranberry juice. ( or mix the two together. )

    Those are my breakfast choices, what's yours ?
  2. I'm drinking a Starbucks blackberry green tea creme latte for breakfast. It's weird drinking something that's pea green and purple!

    I also had a peanut butter banana scone before I left the house for work this morning.
  3. For now, just coffee. I'll make 2 hard boiled eggs in a little while before I excercise. Boring......
  4. nothing or, if i'm particularly hungry, a cappuccino!!!
  5. this morning, sour gummy bears and water :P
  6. coffee... that's it. i usually eat a big late breakfast/early lunch at around 10ish
  7. Nothing.
  8. Crunchy nut cereal and a mug of tea to keep me going.
  9. multi grain bagel with butter
  10. Double espresso and Fruity Pebbles. I'll be jumping around pretty soon!!
  11. Sweet and juicy pineapple
  12. cappuchino and a piece of almond biscotti (we make our own)
  13. Soft preztal with veggie spread ( so delic) and a clearfruit blackberry flavored drink
  14. Black coffee,2 strips of bacon,1 poached egg,1 slice of whole wheat toast plain no butter and 1/2 cup of fresh strawberries.:biggrin:
  15. Fresh air.