What's everyone's birthstone?

  1. My 'official' one is turquoise, but I don't like it, so I switched it to sapphire.
  2. Ruby!
  3. Diamond
  4. diamond...I was named after the month I was born..how original?!
  5. Turquoise, and I love it.
  6. Garnet - January
  7. I'm confused. I've seen mine as various things: Pearl, Alexanderite (not even sure what that is) and something else. I'm June.

    I'm the pearl, right?
  8. amethyst (sp) february.
  9. I'm March so aquamarine.
  10. garnet...
    why couldn't it be diamond or emerald? lol
  11. I hate my birthstone. Who likes to wear opal anyways?
  12. peridot-august
  13. Mine peridot tooo..August
  14. Same here!
  15. April-diamond:graucho: