Whats everyone new Bag goal

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  1. Hi everyone, whats next on the wish list for a new bag?? :biggrin:
    for me its the Gucci sukey large tote in silver..so cute Love it[​IMG]
  2. my current "bag goal" is a diamond croc birkin.. valentine's day! :heart:
  3. My new goal for 2010 is not a new bag. I am going to enjoy the ones I bought in 2009 & buy a big yellow diamond. :graucho:
  4. I just purchased my love, BV Veneta and now I am going to sit back and enjoy it, take a break and enjoy all of your reveals!
  5. Bag goal: large Gucci Stone bamboo top handle
  6. My bag goal... is to NOT buy a bag this year! Well.. we'll see how that goes, esp. since I'm going to Korea in March!
  7. LV mahina or a birkin
  8. a ps1! i hope i end up loving it as much as i've been wanting it.

  9. Wow!1 I didn't know you were looking at those. You go.
  10. I want a LV palermo, tivoli and galliera.
  11. my bag goal(s) - I'm undecided but thinking about.......
    Chloe paraty in chocolate
    Another Prada Nylon bag
    Balenciaga City or Day bag
    Fendi Peek-a-boo
    oh yeah, and another LV, ? speedy?
    oh decisions, decisions....
  12. to not buy any more bags and save up for my HG: a red fjord Hermes Bolide!
  13. to enjoy what I have until xmas. then either a ysl muse or another bbag. but only one!
  14. Love what I have..only buy what I will use and love..so no extreme impulse buying ..only well thought out purchases:yes:
  15. Just a few well thought out purchases, and some variety. There are about 7 bags that I have my eye on (made by Bal, YSL, Mulberry, and BV) but I’m trying to keep my collection smaller, so I’d like to narrow that list down even more and spread out my purchases as well. And purge some stuff too!

    Besides that, want to focus on enjoying what I already have : )