What's everyone getting?

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  1. At the Saks EGC event today?

    I ordered a Black J12 w/diamond markers.:yahoo:

    Shout out to Damien! He's the best.:heart: I got 10% off for opening a Saks charge, and a $450 gift card!:wlae:
  2. Not fair!!!:crybaby: We never get anything like that over here in UK can't wait to see pictures of your watch x
  3. Mon,

    How much is the J12? I seriously thinking of getting one myself or another bag! :yahoo:
  4. i believe i'm getting the blue perfo card case- but i forgot my rewards card to use on it.

    i wonder if you can use the rewards card on a purchase and then still get the new gcs back?

    i'm also going to look at clothes for my interview next week :smile:
  5. monica were you charged sales tax to have it sent to CA?

    also, does anyone know if they mail you the gift card with your order or is that sent at a different time?

    Im considering ordering a white or black diamond stitch tote in the smaller size, but need to find something else of 375$ to hit the $2k mark to get the $300 GC....anyone have suggestions? HELP!
  6. It depends on which style. The one I ordered retails for $4,100. :yes:
  7. I think it depends how close you are to a Saks. I think the rule is 13 miles. I live more than 13 miles from Saks so I didn't have to pay sales tax either.:graucho:

    How about some designer shoes to bump you up to $2k?
  8. salsa- what about a wallet to match your new bag? the perfo line is gorgeous and fabulous spring colors like navy (which looks royal blue) and green and i think white.... don't know how much the wallets are. or you could get cc's rhinestone earrings and something else...
  9. thanks monica, I live over 60 miles from a saks so Im hoping they wont charge me tax. Im going to call now.

    hlfinn, I have the rinestone earrings already.....ugh...its so hard to decide without having seen the items first. I can always have the SA tell me what they have and then if I dont like it when I get it, I can always exchange it for something else.
  10. I ordered a Chanel Gold 227 reissue from cruise collection from another state. My SAs then will apply the $300 toward the Chanel yoga/tracking suit & still get another gift card. Any gift cards will send with your order.

    I could not figure out why I was not charge for tax since there are Saks in CA already. Not that I'm complaining. Thank you Monica for the info.

    I want to get a J12 too but I'll wait till friend & family discount event about 20% off. A member on the forum got it through that event. Will see...
  11. I thought about waiting for the Friends and Family event, but I am really bad at waiting when I decide I want something.

    I'm sure I'll find something else to buy for that event.:graucho:
  12. I bought my dark chocolate square vintage ligne tote. $1995 retail - $125 (old GC from last Saks event) - $81 (Saks first rewards) =$1789 no tax no shipping!
  13. congrats to all on their great deals and lovely purchases!:yes:
    i'm supposed to be getting ready for a charity event, but so excited bc damian just called to confirm my luxe metallic black flap is being sent to me! yay!:yahoo: had to share....
    saved tax and will get $300 gift card...
  14. Hey, then you have to update your signature, no?:p
  15. :party: