Whats Everyone Getting Next?

  1. With the cruise season upon us, and the looming price increase I was wondering is anyone making plans on what their next purchase is? Or are we just all waiting it out? I am still debating on a GST or maybe even a bubble quilt-(can't decide large flap or bowler-I am always late on these things).
  2. i know i definitely would like to get a black cerf with silver hardware or gold hardware, but haven't decided on that yet. and also a white cerf with silver hardware.

    do you ladies know if those will be going up in price? because if not, i'll probably get a flap to save me some money before the price increase. probably the black patent medium flap(sooo yummy!) or a white caviar medium or jumbo flap.
  3. I want to get a tote before the dreaded PI. Haven't decided which one though... GST, PST, Cerf? Not sure yet... but a tote for sure.
  4. i'm waiting for my black cloudy bundle and pink medallion to arrive... but if i could just get my paws on the new bubble quilt clutch i would be golden!
  5. LOL it sounds like none of us are letting the price increase on classics get to us at this stage :sweatdrop:

    I'm waiting for a bunch of flaps to come in to my life!
  6. probably going to go get the medallion today.
  7. Going to get a timeless clutch for the christmas party season, a new purse (or wallet as you overseas Chanelies call it!) and hopefully a GST or Cambon tote for Christmas:tup:
  8. When is the price increase? Does anyone know if the PST or GST will be affected?
  9. I really really want a white reissue next :biggrin:
  10. I bought a camellia CC holder a few days ago and I will get the timeless clutch today. BF is bringing it home from Bruxelles and should be home in a couple of hours :tup: That means however that I will lay low for a while. No more Chanel untill something truly stunning comes along (or the orginal cabas)
  11. don't know if the modern chain flap will go up, but that will be my next and last bag for a couple of years.....i am a bit undecided if i should get the brown or black
  12. I'm getting the timeless clutch and the timeless petit tote (not the pst)

    I can't wait!
  13. i've got my eye on a gorgeous bubble quilt bowler...hmmm that baby is probably next on my hit list!
  14. Today, since I had the day off I decided to browse at the Chanel boutique. I tried on the jumbo classic flap in black and it was absolutely perfect. I wanted the medium but it looked small. and there is more I can do with the jumbo.

    so, I will buy the Jumbo.
  15. My next one on the list is probably the white Jumbo classic flap with silver hardware or the black Jumbo Reissue. :yes:

    Let's see if I'm lucky enough to get one of them (or both of them) before the price hikes. :push: