What's everyone getting from Vacanze? :)

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  1. I'm thinking of a Vacanze stellina :smile:

    What are you guys getting?
  2. definitely getting a ciao.. but hum maybe a few other bags like the bambino, campeggio.. ciao ciao... and perhaps a denaro lol~
  3. i preordered a gioco and zucca, probably wont get both but i want to see which one i like better

    and im on a waitlist for a ciao and denaro :3
  4. probablly nothing,its to "christmasy"...I liv in hawaii and theres no snow here! but,I might just give in (because I'm weak) and get a bag in vacanze just to use during the holiday season...
  5. its ok! i live in southern california xD no snow here either but around xmas there are lots of people who decorate their house and the malls and all the stores decorate too so its all good :biggrin:
  6. there isn't much chance of snow here in san jose either, but the print makes me happy because i'm from the mid west and it reminds me of home. :smile:
  7. I pre-ordered Denaro, Ciao, Bambino & Zucca from Pulse. :push: :nuts:
  8. i'm definitely getting a BV and possibly a zucca too...
  9. Avventura and possibly a ciao
  10. i don't really like the christmasy theme and hadn't plannned on buying one, but i have a feeling i will break down and get a gioco.
  11. I'm definitely getting a Campeggio and I am thinking of maybe getting a Gioco or a Zucca too.
  12. I've preordered a Ciao and Curango for my mom. I'm on a waitlist for a denaro. I can't wait to see the bags in person! :smile:
  13. Avventura!! I just got my plane ticket to go back to Vermont for Christmas to see my family, so the bag will be perfect :graucho:
  14. I've preordered a Gioco, but somewhere down the line (if I see a placement I like) I may get a BV, Avventura, or Zucca instead.

    I hope I get the part of the print I like best. (penguins, lamb/sheep and wolf)
  15. Avventura and if I can find something small with the peguins on it, I'd get that too.