whats everyone getting for the Saks promo?

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  1. I feel the need to buy something, I just ordered a wallet from my Chanel Boutique and bought a few thing from NM so I don't really need anything, lol, but this is an excelent deal! Anyone buying 2 bags?:nuts:
  2. I am getting two bags. :yahoo: I bought the white MC tote, but I am having serious second thoughts and thinking about exchanging for the white GST and I am getting my first flap...in black and white.

    I also got 4 pairs of shoes (1 chanel, 2 Prada and 1 Stuart Weitzman). But....can't pick anyhting up up til next Thurday....the wait is making me crazy!! :smile:
  3. The triple points thing? I wish it was an ecg event!
  4. it is an egc at some stores! And LVDevotee, I love the white gst , I also love the white mc tote, not the plastic handles so much!
  5. oh thank god! what stores? :woohoo:
  6. is there an expiration date for the gift card? like if they have to be used within the next week or so?
  7. normally 60 days from the date issued

  8. AHHH, which stores are getting the EGC? I hope the Saks I shop from is getting it! I have to get those cute jellies!
  9. I don't know yet, I'm waiting on my SA to let me know what's available.
  10. Is there a jumbo flap available still?
  11. What color? Lambskin or Caviar?
  12. lambskin, red?
  13. ...May I ask what this "points" thing is in reference to? I don't live in the States so I don't understand...
  14. I was just at Saks and my chanel SA told me the specs on the gift card thing, but to keep it on the QT because she was not sure every store was doing it and it was some big secret?? :wtf: she told me if you buy two bags/items etc and spend over $1K total, you get a $400 egc, plus triple points. but you cannot use the egc that day towards the second bag, you can use it that day but wouldn;t get the trip points on that item??? :confused1::confused1:
    anywho, I am getting a Fendi spy in biscuit for the triple points event, not gonna worry about the egc, I did lots of damage at the last two. And you all know, my egc turns from "spend some get some" to "get some spend some" so i don't think egc's actually help me in the overall math :lol::lol: