Whats everybodys new year resolution?

  1. Me - To try to spend less time in Dubai! - I work here and I only have to live here for 11 days a month, but sometimes I just stay there the whole month!

    Whats yours?
  2. To be a better cook! I've tried this before and it didn't work out.
  3. to quit smoking!!! it usually ends up to just being "cutting down"...
    and after a couple months the resolution is forgotton until december when i think of "new" resolutions XD...

    o yeah, another one is to STOP GOING OVER MY VISA LIMIT!!!
    i hate over limit fees><...
  4. Besides buying less bags??? :lol:

    Probably the typical "exercise more."
  5. Play racquetball more...and start running again.
  6. Lose weight - I started some new medication earlier in the year - most common side effect is weight gain - have put on about 5 kilos, and as I was already at the higher end of my healthy weight range I really need to tackle it now.

    My goal for December though is just not to put on any weight - with Christmas parties, multiple friends birthdays etc etc... I admire anyone who manages to lose weight during December!!
  7. 1. Lose weight
    2. seriously start looking into selling the house and moving into a condo
    3. enjoy life.
  8. 1. To try not to judge others so much.
    2. Develop more patience.
  9. To get off of my butt and get into shape , Apply for the U of M -and God this is embarresing - Get my drivers liencse - I am way too old not to drive
  10. 1. Tone back up-been eating too much junk
    2. Start cooking again (healthier)
    3. Enjoy life more (get out more stop being a hermit)
    4. Buy a place (looking already)
    5. Learn to swim (again)
    6. Establish a fitness schedule and stick to it.
    7. Become more active in my sorority.

    Ive already started 1 and 4, but at soon they all will be in full swing.
  11. To stop drinking diet soda. I've been reading that aspartame is not so healthy & I drink a lot of it!
  12. To work out and lose more weight - I only weigh like a 110 but I feel huge for some reason. :sad:
  13. Loose weight and get healthier
    stop being so sensitive
    Let go of things more easily
  14. To pay off a significant amount of credit debt so I can buy more purses! (cash only)
  15. Cook more, eat out less!!! Less TAXIS... damn public transit in Chicago... I am always finding myself in a cab as a result of being incapable of coping with the crappy public transit!