what's else that b-bag's fan obsess?

  1. hi there

    i'm sure that not only b-bag that u guys obsess?
    what's else you love and why?

    p.s. i obsess with prada shoes!!!
  2. Nice thread

    I used to be obsess with bags but now it's just Balenciaga bags
    I also Love Christian louboutin shoes ( but it's easy for me cause I have them for free :yahoo: )
    I love fashion in general
  3. LV accessories, Boots, Shoes & most of all HE Jeans
  4. Christian Louboutin FOR FREE!!!
    LUCKY U!!
  5. Bags in general. I like a variety of brands, really depends on the design. Oh also sunglasses, can never have too many of those, my DH doesn't get that either!
  6. I also love Chanel :love:

    I like shoes too, but for some reason, can't seem to bring myself to spend
    big $$$ on them like I do on bags :shrugs: ... I may break down and buy a pair of Chanel flats tho ... maybe ...
  7. I love fashion as well, but I can't wear or afford most of it, so I just read Vogue and such.

    I am obsessed with music, you might say. Currently I'm really excited for the new M.I.A. record, my favorite discovery of 2006 was Spank Rock, and probably my favorite band overall is Sonic Youth (or the Velvet Underground?). I am really awesome at music trivia, too... classic rock to present.

    I also am obsessed with Russian literature (and Russian things in general). Example: it's my minor and I'm applying to grad school for Russian and Eastern European studies.

    I guess I'm obsessed with makeup too... I love it. I'll go to Sephora just because and try everything.
  8. Hihi, Paco Gil shoes.. they're so comfortable!! And dresses..

    OMG, I can never get enough dresses!! I wear dresses every day, but I think I have over 30 now..

    Time to stop? No way:p
  9. Oh! I'm also obsessed with this web & eBay -- LOL
  10. Lately, 12th Street by Cynthia Vinent clothes and Marc Jacobs shoes
  11. Same here, plenty of shoes - but none worth more than AU$300
  12. plants and landscaping........I'm constantly coming up with new designs for my yard and buying books on it.
  13. Chanel, LV and Dior accessories, especially recently I fall in love with the LV inclusion :love:
  14. i'm completely obsessed with Blythe dolls. here are some photos i've just taken.






    Their names are Matilda, Faith and Angelina! I love them they are sooo cute.
  15. I also obsess about Prada bags & accessories, most Louis vuitton bags & accessories, Chanel bags & accessories, some Dolce & Gabbana bags, some Chloe bags, some Gucci bags, Christian Laboutin shoes. Only one that I obsess about & haven't purchased as of yet is Hermes, someday :drool: I have some lovely clothes but for real obsessions it has to be handbags!