What's do you think is a fair price to pay?

  1. For a used Cherry Blossom pochette in very good condition with a slight patina?:shrugs:

    Also, what did they retail for when they were out in '03?

    Keep in mind I'm very much in love with this bag but am trying to get the opinions of other ppl whose brains are working more logically than mine lol:girlsigh:.
  2. Wow I'm not sure what the retail was because my mom had gotten mine and given it to me as a Christmas present that year. But I'd say maybe $395?
    And I think for one with very little patina right now might go for around $525?
    I really can't say for sure though.
  3. Mmmm... I've seen ones with very light patina going for about $400+.
  4. My max price I'd pay for the brown/pink is around $400-450. Pink/pink I paid $500...and the cream/red I'd pay up to $550-600.

    Also...that auction...I was watching that one as well...he said he'd email me a pic of the six-point screws, but never did :sad:
  5. Okies...so somewhere between USD$400 and $520-ish would be fair you think???

    I suppose something rare like the cherry blossom will just continue to go up in price, so it's technically and "investment," right guys???!!!


  6. Really??? I'll nag him and post them if I get any pics....:flowers:
  7. i would pay , for a pochette , around 600, but the papillion is a diff. story !!!
  8. Of COURSE it's an investment!! :yahoo:
  9. i saw a pink cb pochette go for $300 before (from an mprs seller, i believe)... it was in excellent condition too! i kinda regret not going for it now.

    i would prefer one in like-new condition, not much patina, and i would probably pay around $500 shipped for it. i think anything around $400 is a good deal, though
  10. Ohhh WOW:nuts: now that would have to be the bargain of the century!!!