What's Design Do You Prefer?

I prefer Burberry Signature Plaid overall because to me it's just classy and I have this thing for plaid. The LV, Dior, Gucci and Fendi monograms are ok to me as long as the bag isn't too big to avoid that logo-crazy effect. As for Prada nylon, I really don't like it because it's too pricey for such cheap material.

And what's the Chanel Cambon?
Just my opinions. . .
I do not much care for the Burberry plaid- seems to old too me.But it is cute in pink.
Fendi print not so much- but their other bags are great(ex: spy).
I agree with Irissy the Prada nylon is not worth it.

LV is classic, the multicolor is a fun variation. Both are durable as they are canvas.
Chanel cambon is cute - but may scratch up.
Gucci and Dior monogram if they are in the right color.