What's considered significantly misrepresented?

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  1. I sold a marc jaocbs bag on eBay but i gave the wrong style name. now the buyer is really pissed, and saying that the bag is not authentic. She said the I claimed the bag is 100% authentic XXX marc jacobs bag, so it has to be XXX style. but she got the exact bag shown in the auction pictures. I included 10 pictures in the auction. why didn't she look at the pictures if she knows so well and cares so much about the style? I don't want to take the bag back since i don't think this is my fault. so if she files a claim with paypal, whats going to happen?

    i noticed she had a neg feedback about not looking at the auction pictures..sigh..its so hard to even sell your own things on eBay.:crybaby:
  2. I think that I would just say that you used the wrong style NAME, but if she bid on it in the first place, she bid because she liked your pictures, not necessarily because it was XXX style Marc Jacobs.

    As least I would think so.

    Tell her that you would be willing to accept a return if she truly didn't like the purse and that you were sorry that she didn't like the purse.

    See what she says....she hasn't opened a claim yet has she?
  3. Hm, I read the rest of that and saw that you didn't want to do a refund. However, I think you are better off to do a return.

    If she paid with a CC and she does a chargeback, you could be out both money and purse. I would make it safer on yourself and offer the return first, even if you don't want to. You could always sell it for more again.
  4. I'd just refund her and be done with her, probably buyers remorse. Unfortunately i bet paypal would side with her because called it by the wrong name
  5. The first thing a buyer sees on eBay is the gallery picture. So, she clicked on your auction because she liked the way it looked, most likely. She sounds like a troublemaker. I would just take the bag back and refund her.
  6. Well, technically, she's in the right, so you should refund her.

    Of course, buyers should look at the photos (extremely carefully) before they bid; but it is the seller's responsibilty to ensure that the item is described accurately and fully.
  7. I don't know whether or not an incorrect name constitutes 'significant' deviation from description if the measurements, photos, other identifying details are correct, but I think I do know that I would not want to spend the time and energy waiting to find out via a claim with Paypal. I too would swallow hard, take a deep breath and refund without question. Sorry - I hope you relist and it goes to an appreciative home soon.
  8. thanks everybody for your valuable opinions. I'm going to give her a refund. I will defintely learn the lesson and be really careful next time.
  9. I agree that it's probably buyers remorse.
  10. it's so weird, i've bought balenciaga bags although sometimes the seller put a wrong name, but i know that because i'm a b bag freak and have the knowledge.
    i bough it because of the picture, not the description name.

    although technically, you did a mistake in your auction listing, but it's not entirely your fault. she DID bid and bought ur bag.
    maybe she's an "IT" bag chaser and she wanted to buy a bag in this certain style so much although she didn't have enough knowledge which is which and when the bag came, and shows it to her friends and some people said that she got "tricked" on buying a supposed to be the bag she wants by someone on ebay.
    and she just realised, she bought the wrong style

    i'm not trying to defend her or cornered you, but i'm trying to think positive here :p
    this would be a "better" reason than a buyer's remorse IMO
  11. Does a seller also have to refund shipping costs in this case?

  12. No problem! :flowers:

    I think you've probably made the right decision. :yes:

    Better luck next time! :biggrin:

  13. I hadn't thought of that! :lol:

    I think it's a definite possibility. :yes:

    What a bizarre way of choosing your next bag that would be - just by its name! :blink:
  14. Just a "heads-up", redsunflower. Be careful. I see that you're from Canada (as I am). This past week I have been in a nightmare with a similar situation. I sold a handbag (Marks & Spencer leather kelly bag), Which also included plenty of pictures. The buyer complained that the label inside said "St Michael" , which is synonymous with Marks & Spencer according to what I have a
    read about the company. Anyway, same situation as yours, I decided to take the high road and take it back and complete a refund. Then the nightmare began! Because my buyer was in the US, when she returned it, it went through Canada Customs and there were astronomical customs broker fees, duty, taxes, etc. etc. etc. Again, I thought technically, I did not state the St Michael label so I had better just pay it so I could complete her refund. Which I did. However, when I try to get my fees back from ebay, (for the listing), I learn that she is still disputing because she wants me to refund the original shipping costs as well! Unfortunately, I subsidized the original shipping costs as well, (being the complainer that she is, she complained that shipping costs were too high, so I paid half to complete the sale.) Sorry about the rant/sad tale, but just don't want to see another go through this nonsense. Please be careful if your buyer is in the US.
    Good Luck!
  15. Wow, Temo, you should not have refunded :sad: St. Michael is like the people who supply the textiles? (I think they also sell school uniforms here in the UK)
    But that's like saying that because my MJ Blake has riri zippers I should get a refund, *shakes head*:sad: