What's better for resale?

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  1. Would buying brand new be better for resale in the future or buying a decent preloved made in France? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  2. I don't know if either would really affect the resale value per se since most buyers, especially those new(er) to LV and/or hunting for pre-loved, are more focused on recognizability (i.e. the Speedy and NF vs Trocadero, monogram canvas, etc.), overall condition, price, and sometimes even whether the bag was MIF or not.
  3. MIF doesn't matter that much in the resale market. That is really only a purse forum obsession. I bought a USA bag from someone locally and they had no clue it was made in USA, they assumed they were all made in France.

    If you buy new, you will take a loss.

    Pre-loved is better down the line because you can potentially break even or make a profit. Buyers love getting the receipt, dustbag and tags, so if you buy a pre-loved one with those, it will help the resale.
  4. Thank you for your responses. I'm torn between buying a pre loved vs brand new speedy b 30
  5. The real deciding factor shouldn't be potential resale value in the future but instead whether you want a new or preloved bag and how much you are willing to spend. There's a lot of selection regarding preloved Speedys at the moment and if you can find one in excellent condition for a good price then that may be the way to go, but generally the ones in very good/excellent condition sell for only a few hundred less than current retail and if that's the case then maybe you want to consider spending the extra for new instead (guaranteed to be authentic and you also get the buying experience).
  6. For a speedy b I would personally recommend buying new, you won't save a lot on resale for that one in excellent condition, and there are still a few issues that pop up from time to time with those (chipping hardware, for example) that you may want to have the full backing of your own purchase in case you need to bring it in for a defect or repair. Save all your packaging and accessories, lock with its keys/box, cards, receipt, etc. and I'm sure down the line you'll make a decent chunk back on it if it's still in great shape when you decide to let it go. :smile:
  7. Buy because you like it. Don't worry about resale. Things get ruined.

    Rain, babies, drinks spilling.

    Get something you love and let whoever owns it after you worry about it.
  8. :goodpost:
  9. +1
    I kept a vigilant eye out for a speedy b for months before I took the plunge and bought new.. None of those that I found were discounted enough to warrant buying preloved. I personally am attracted to preloved items with the receipt unless its a really really good deal.
  10. Can't thank you ladies enough!! Definitely buying new. Thank you!!
  11. I'm still new to the forum. I'm not familiar with how to reply to a post individually yet. But I thank each and every one of you. This is the only social media site I have so still learning.

    Kirkland- thank you and I'm taking your advice and buying a new one because I can and I would like a new one.
  12. I just wanted to add, that if you are buying mens items, don't even worry about resale because you will get very little back. The market is softer for mens used.

    I don't resell my stuff. I have things that just sit there unused or I just give it away to parents. Rt now, I am not sure if I have an extra wallet or not. I remember giving it to my dad, but I forgot if he gave back cuz he didn't want it either or if I have in a drawer somewhere. I misplace everything :lol:

  13. I would buy it pre loved if I can find any. I am having hard time looking for Speedy b 25 in DE pre loved. I think as long as you take really good care of the bag it will hold its value.
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