What's better for laptops? Cucciolo? Trenino?

  1. :graucho: planning on getting one to put my new laptop in (when i get it very soon!) so whats the best fitting bag to lug my laptop around in?

    opinions please! what did you pick and why
  2. i'd love to know this too! :smile: does anyone have the normal lesportsac laptop sleeves? if so, how are they?
  3. If you're strictly looking for a laptop bag, then the Cucciolo is best. The Trenino is more of a travel bag and any laptop by itself will swim in it.
  4. I have a cucciolo, and I bought it to carry my laptop around. It's actually pretty big so if I just put my laptop in it by itself I have a lot of extra room. but I also have a large laptop sleeve for extra protection (yay bunnyville!!) and my laptop inside the sleeve fits nicely inside the cucciolo

    And btw I have a sony vaio with a 15.4 inch screen, and it measures about 14x11 inches. Hope that helps!
  5. :smile: thanks you guys! now to hopefully get my hands on one thats not 300 dollars lol!
  6. I have a black macbook with a 13 inch screen, and it fits in my campeggio, which I've been using a lot lately. I originally bought a cucciolo for it, and it fits great it that, too. In the campeggio its a tighter fit. I have to slide it in the long way and then turn in once it's in. The cucciolo is a lot easier for me to slide it in and out of. Hope that helps!
  7. OH. i didnt even think of a campeggio... lol. i was leaning towards the cucciolo so i could use the changing pad to wrap around the laptop....

    would you guys say that the cucciolo is huge? i never tried one on :x I'm only 5'2-ish and the campeggio is like... near my kneecap xD
  8. I'm 5'1 and the cucciolo hits right at my knee when the strap is at it's longest. I can shorten it though so it hits mid-thigh. It's a lil big, but no bigger than most laptop bags out there unless you have a tiny laptop. If your laptop is the same size as mine, the changing pad won't wrap around it (that was the first thing I tried lol) hence, the laptop sleeve
  9. I have a 15" MacBook Pro and it wouldn't fit into a Campeggio, so I use a cucciolo. I tried the laptop bag and sleeve from the regular LSS line and I didn't really like it so I stuck to the cucciolo and I got a neoprene cover for my laptop for extra cushioning. I used a trenino when I traveled and that worked really well since it fit a lot of things (I used it as my carry on).
  10. my god! CUCCIOLOS ARE EXPENSIVE! well at least on eBay xD

    i wonder which one i should get :sad:! i really love inferno but thats impossible T-T;