Whats best to wear with floral pumps?

  1. Just got this really cute pair of floral design pumps. What colors are best to wear with them (I prefer skirts and dresses to pants)? is it okay to look "so spring or summery" now?

    Andreas floral.JPG
  2. Is there a black background to the shoe? I would wear it with black pants and a shirt. You could pull one of the brighter colors out for your bag choice.
  3. I'd wear those with black or red pants/skirts.
    Plain shirt, nothing with a print. only because you want your shoes to stand out.
    I think you could wear these in fall with dark colors and in the spring/summer with pink and soft colors.
  4. I would wear all black with those. Maybe a pencil skirt and turtleneck.
  5. Gorgeous shoes! I agree with others by sticking to black. I would actually go all black with a colored purse.
  6. All black or denim.
  7. WOW! It's so pretty! You'll have to keep your outfit really plain. I share the same sentiments as they ladies above... All black or denim with a coloured purse! =)
  8. I agree...wear them with all black. Otherwise, save them for spring/summer...
  9. I wouldn't wear them with black. True, black will make the flowers "pop" but there are too many colors so the look will be strangely muddled. I'd wear with a white pencil skirt (to brighten it up) and maybe some sort of pink, red or green top. To ground the look a bit, wear clothes with some black detail (like black piping on the skirt or Trompe L'Oeil details on the top). Don't wear too much solid black.

    They are fun shoes, the rest of your outfit should be fun yet classic as well.