What's being released next?

  1. So I know it's big time Damier Speedy mania tomorrow (June1st), but I'm passing on that one and am wondering what is after that...
    I know we've talked a lot about F/W '06, but is there anything else being released between now and Fall?
  2. I've heard that there WILL be something but that it'll be pretty secretive and surprise everyone like the Onatahs did last time around. My SA told me it was to cut down on the production of fakes since no one will know what it is. My guess though was the Groom line..it's in the printout list at the store though so who knows.
  3. Have you seen the new suhali colour on elux...I do like it:yes:
  4. I love the suhali line, the ingenieux
  5. I saw a [ic pf the groom. not that hot. it's cartoonish representation of a groom on the monogram. nice for young ladies.
  6. the mirior is to be expected...
  7. Next week is the LV party and I am going to grill my SA for the 411!
  8. I think the Ellipse is coming out in Damier too? :amuse: