What's been your experience with the Chanel 800#?

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  1. #1 Feb 3, 2009
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2009
    Just wondered ... Those of you who have used this # to order.

    How long does it take to get a call back? I've been trying to buy a billfold for 2 days ... The lady at this # said she would have someone at a Boutique to call me back.

    Geez! You'd think with this global economy crunch...they would like to get a sale ... Surely they couldn't be this busy at "all" Boutiques.

    Sorry for the little rant ...:hysteric:Just not too impressed with their Customer Service.
  2. ive had a great experience with the 800 number. they are very useful for getting prices and finding out exactly which boutiques and/or department stores carry what items. they usually have someone call me back within 24 hours. sometimes it takes a few days if you are trying to locate an item that may not have come out yet.
  3. Sorry is that 800# 4 USA only or world-wide,and is there something like that 4 Europe :idea:
  4. hmm im not sure. if u go on the chanel website it lists all the info
  5. I've never had any luck with the 800#. I've been told to expect a call and I'm still waiting 2 years later :whistle:
  6. They're super nice! I called to ask for a specific bag & was told it wasn't available in the US yet. It seemed like they could look up things up (those past & present) & gave me info of when certain bags would be available. They also asked for my info to contact me if the bag I was interested in became available. They have since sent me Chanel catalog books & emails for special events near me. Quite unexpected considering the bad store experiences I've had in the past.
  7. EXCELLENT!!! The few times I called I had such good experiences. They took down all my information and did searches for me and called me back each time within a few hours.
  8. My experience with the 800# has been excellent. I've inquired about pricing, and availability of certain styles. They called me back within a few days when I inquired about the availability of a certain bag that was out of stock in the boutiques.
  9. I've had nothing but good experiences calling the Chanel 800#. It REALLY helps when you have the style number though. If you don't have the style number and you're simply trying to describe what you want, it makes it very very difficult.
  10. Here's an update...I called back today & told them no one called me back. She still had all my info documented with style number. After checking for a few minutes she told me she was sending my request to corporate & have them make boutique call me. She said it still may take 48 hours.

    "South"...It looks like we're alone on this one. Being the impatient ... impulsive person that I am...I bought one on ebay...while I was still here waiting. :whistle:
    I'm sure I'll think of something else to ask about...as if I need too. :busted
  11. they have been good about calling me back (though it usually takes a few days) but the information has never been very helpful -- they merely told me which stores bought a particular style but weren't able to tell me if they actually had them in stock.
  12. Very good. They've always called me back within a couple of days and let me know about the availability of the bag I'm looking for.
  13. :drinkup:
  14. Wonderful!!

    They called back in 2 days.
  15. :lol: Sad but funny...