what's average pay for a sales associate in retail?

  1. i have a full time job but thought it might be fun to work part time/seasonal for a retail. i actually have an interview set up for next week but have no clue what the pay is going to be. in case they ask how much i want (or is it pretty set usually?), what's the going rate now days? i'm thinking $8-$10/hour? is that good? i'm in nor. cal btw. thanks!
  2. I know the shoe sales associates at our local Dillard's make $10/hr and I think the ladies at the perfume/cosmetic counters make a little more than that.
  3. thanks. that helps a lot. :yes:
  4. 10 bucks an hour is pretty basic pay for most retail jobs. But it may work out better if you get a comission off your sales.
  5. good to know. i just had no idea and wanted to get some perspective. thanks!
  6. $8-10$/hr. plus possibly a discount for items bought in the retail store where you would work.
  7. That sounds about right. My friends working in retail are doing it for the job experience and, in some cases, for the discount.
  8. do you mind if I ask which store you're planning to work for? you can PM me if you want!

    If it's for a dpt.store, it varies. $8 - $10, like many of the ladies said, sounds about right. If you're working for a dpt that operates on commission, you'll make AT LEAST an avg. of $20 - $30 an hour during the holidays, commission is GREAT!
  9. i wish i could say LV :graucho:
    but it's LUSH. they are opening up a new store in valley fair and i love that store. so i figured it'll be fun since i've never worked in retail before.

    thank you ladies for your answers!
  10. omg I didn't realize those who worked in retail still made so little. That's about what I made in a preschool and I thought that was subpar. Makes me really think about the life of an SA. :/
  11. Ahhh, that's right around my area. Hook a fellow PFer up! Lol, jk. I would think about $8-$10 an hr depending on your experience.
  12. retail can be fun. i enjoyed it. great coworkers, great manager, great company, great pay!

    good luck on your interview!
  13. Average in my area is $9-$10 an hour depending on experience. I'd suggest that you ask for more though because you might get it.
  14. I just got a job offer yesterday and wasn't aware that I was capable of "haggling" the pay rate......I took the first one she said. Now I feel poopy. :Push:
  15. My husband is one of two assistant managers at a retail store and he makes 8.25, I think, but he also gets a 40% discount because the store wants their employees to have the "look" that the store premotes, they're not required to buy or wear clothes from their store, but at 40% off, who wouldn't? :graucho: