What's available to order???

  1. Okay, so now that a fellow TPF'er is passing her PCE on to me I am going to be using that $441 gift card I've been sitting on. BUT....I haven't done my research lately....been spending my time on a certain children's clothing board that I am equally obsessed with! SO - what I want to know is- what is available to order, but not yet in the stores. I don't want to pick something from the store, and then later find out I could have ordered _____. Last PCE it was the Ergo's, is there anything interesting this time round????
  2. People are saying the new colors of Carly will be available in stores on Friday. One tpf'er already got to pre-order hers.
  3. I read something about that. Brown signature with brown leather, and kahki signature with black leather. Any other colors???