What's Available at the outlets? Post inventory and pics here

  1. Visited Tod's Cabazon outlet store yesterday. Saw a beautiful Pashmy Bauletto in tan leather with outlet price plus 20% off. Pashmy nylon bags all 20% off.
    Bought a pair of patent leather navy ballerina and a E-Bag East West tote in black patent leather (looks ok a D-media bag except has 3 zip pocket with chains in front exterior) 50% off outlet price.
  2. Pashmy leather @ Tod's outlet - Cabazon. $ 675 with additional 30% off, $472.50
    newarrivals72909023.jpg newarrivals72909024.jpg
  3. Here are some shoes that they have available at the Florida outlet. I believe most of these are 30% off too.
    tods outlet 1.jpg tods outlet 2.jpg tods outlet 3.jpg tods outlet 4.jpg tods outlet 5.jpg
  4. more pics.....
    tods outlet 6.jpg tods outlet 7.jpg
  5. Hi is there any contact info available for tods' outlets. I'm from Canada and am not close to any. TIA
  6. ^^PM'd you.
  7. Where is the Cabazon outlet?
  8. Cabazon is near Palm Springs, CA
  9. Visited the Tod's outlet at Cabazon, Ca last saturday, and they had some leather bags at 50% off. White trunk bag was $ 386.00, East West was about $ 400.00 and there were a lot more for less than $ 500.00. SA said they will have another sale on Labor Day weekend. Decided to wait til then.
  10. isbltqe, thanks for posting. Are these the east-west G-bags? Thanks again!
  11. yes , it's beige in color.
  12. hi! i'm not familiar with Tod's handbags. but i'm thinking of getting one. i think they look chic.

    are the east west bags you saw in leather? do they have it in other colors like red? TIA
  13. Hello!

    Has anyone been to the Tod's outlet at Gotemba, Tokyo? Will be in Tokyo on a business trip just wondering if the outlet is worth the one hour train ride.

    How are the prices/selection and most importantly are there BAGS on sale? :p

    Gotemba premium outlet is also operated by the Chelsea premium outlet group btw, so I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed.

  14. I can't speak about that particular Tods outlet store but the one I go to always has bags on sale. The question is whether they have one you like at a price you like. Does the outlet center have other stores you'd be shopping in as well as Tods?

    I have to admit, sometimes when I've been looking forward to a trip to the outlet center, I get so determined to buy something that I may make a mistake and get something I later regret. Good luck.
  15. Kitty, which is the one that you always go to? Is it in Tokyo too?
    I am also very keen to know about the selection in Gotemba! Anyone else can help?