whats at your local saks?

  1. please post what bags you have seen at your local Saks, my Saks dosent carry chanel so I would appreciate the extra eyes + I have tons of GC's to spend!
  2. I saw some of the line w/ the diagonal C's last week, a patent timeless clutch in black, blue preforated jumbo and orange modern chain tote. Thats all I can remember!
  3. thanks

    who else?
  4. I'm going to tomm. to NYC anything particular you're interested in -I'll look for it...
  5. when i went to Saks denver last week, i saw the following:
    -cloudy bundle e/w
    -GST iht gold harware
    -diagonal cc bags
    there are others but i dont remember
  6. Please check to see if they have caviar clutches, or the new pouch bag selena just purchased and anything else that might look appealing :graucho:
  7. lots of flap bags, some perforated bags, a couple of modern chain, some luxury ligne bags, diagnol cc bags, a red shine flap. Call Saks Bala Cynwyd and ask for Damien. He will help you find anything you want.
  8. I'm going to Saks for the Chanel trunk show on Friday. I'll post anything interesting that they have in stock.
  9. great, please keep this thread going..esp in anticpation for the next egc event on the 22nd :smile: