What's at the TOP of your spring shopping list?

  1. My list:

    - Little white dress (summer staple)
    I will possibly try to scrounge up $3.5K for this Akris dress but unlikely:

    This beautiful Prada is much more in my budget at $890
  2. Some sort of casual dress...actually, make that a few dresses. They're my new obsession to get out of jeans and tees [I'm a sophomore in high school so it's easy for me to just wear that everyday....booorrringg!]

    Also a new pair of dark dark dark wash bootcut jeans and a few pairs of shorts... can't believe I only have 2 pairs of shorts!

    And a light cardigan, as well as a few essential tanks and tees.

    So, it's kind of a long shopping list, but I actually surprisingly have a pretty nice budget to work with right now and a few days off from school to go hit the malls! :biggrin:
  3. oh my, my shopping list is huuuge but a few highlights here:

    YSL Tribute T-Strap Sandal
    Vert D'Eau Balenciaga City
    Hudson Wide Leg Jeans
    White Eyelet Dress
    Gladiator Sandals
    Tom Ford Hawkings Sunglasses
    Wrap Skirt (American Apprarel)

    oh and the list continues...
  4. Denim shorts (not short short or bermuda)
    flowy tank tops
    flip flops
    braided pair of sandals
    light weight sweater
    beach tote
    true religion jeans
    swim suits
    tiffany earrings

    Btw, I really love that Prada dress! Very classic.
  5. lots of little dresses to wear with ballet shoes , big sunnies and an LV bag.
  6. LOTS of dresses! But this one... is at the TOP top of the list!

  7. Lots of dresses. the yellow striped MbMJ for sure. Some new TR jeans, swimsuit, and the perfect sandles(that i have yet to find) but i think i want gladiator ones
  8. dresses, flip flops, a new bag, and some new shorts.
  9. OMIGOSH! $3,500 for a summer dress!?!?! Can I have your hand-me downs? LOL!

    I don't have a list, since I bought way too much 'spring'ish items on sale last season & need to give my account a rest. Hopefully I'll stick to my word & not go on another spree for awhile...

    But I do have a question, what are you ladies going to wear with all these dresses you intent on getting? Metallic, neutral, pastel, or bright color sandals/flats?
  10. i LOVE the white prada one!!

    nothing in particular but some fun colored heels, new flats, cute tops, summery/springy dresses. just more clothes and BAGS!
  11. LOL Trust me, that would be a BIG splurge for me!!! But I'm trying to really invest in my clothes. I have enough throw-away dresses to last be AGES. I only want to add excellent pieces to my wardobe.

    I prefer neutral, always. I'm not a fan of metallic sandels or shoes because I don't like drawing attention my feet. I prefer beige, because it can go with both black and brown dresses, and it doesn't look too stark with white dresses, either.
  12. yes, alot of pretty dresses are at the top of my list! A few mini ones and long maxi ones. ( I love the hippie chic look) I also need a few pair of flat sandals And a pink Balenciaga :smile:
  13. Another good thread, IntlSet! These are on my list-

    Christian Louboutin pewter Simples $675
    Moschino flower print dress $645

    Hache bustier top $295

    All available from Saks. IDK about the bustier top, but I want something similar.
  14. shoes and handbags might be the highlight. at least what I splurge on
  15. Both of these are truly gorgeous. I love the bustier top.