What's all the hoopla ..... pics

  1. I'm on a quest for hoops too. I guess you can tell I love jewelry almost as much as bags.:amuse: What do you think of these? Are there hoops that you really love? I'd love to see pics.:P

    Slane & Slane - sterling silver $370
    John Hardy - sterling silver - $350

    David Yurman - $425

    Stephen Dweck - sterling silver - $250
  2. [​IMG]
    Stephen Dweck - mother-of-pearl - $170

    David Yurman - $420

    Roberto Coin - $2,380

    David Yurman - $650

    David Yurman (love these) $1,350
  3. [​IMG]
    David Yurman - $1,550 (love these too)

    David Yurman - $225

    John Hardy - $195

    Juicy Couture - $75
  4. Love all the David Yurman and Roberto Coin.
  5. Oh man Kat ... are we separated at birth?!?!?

    Not only am I a handbag nut, but even more so ... a Jewelry aficionado (especially LOVE hoops!!!!). Seriously, I really should get someone to make it for me ... I spend SO MUCH $$$ on jewelry, and [unfortunately] don't really like the cheap stuff (well ... I do sometimes mix it with the real stuff as long as it's good looking!).
  6. Love these:
    [​IMG] Re: What's all the hoopla ..... pics

  7. I know you're more into white metals, but I'm going to brand off that. LOL

    14K White Gold, $125 futurefashionista.com

    Noir Charm Earrings, $125 (gold plated)

    14K Solid Pink Gold Hoops, $135 futurefashionista.com
    14K Solid gold Filigree Hoops, $130

    Beaded Hoops, Sheila Fajl
  8. I know these probably wont be to your style but i love these armani hoops! they have the logo on one part that crosses over a silver hoop :love:

    armani hoops.JPG

    and converted they are about $185.

    oooh im soooo going to get some next payday!

    i have loved hoops ever since i was a teen (logtimeago)
    and thought they were the coolest sexiest things. women wore huge hoops LONG before j. lo

    i like them of all sizes

    particularly these shaesby hoops, have them in gold. 1" diameter.
    they're crinkle-y looking and handcrafted.

  10. I really like the juicy hearts. But that's just me. I like BIG earrings. I want people to see them. If it's a hoop I want people to know it's a hoop.
  11. I really like the Robert Coin
  12. I like the first pair the best!
  13. I relly like roberto coin and the diamond david yurman hoops are nice
  14. Hi Kat.

    I'm a hoop junkie! Don't let this thread die ... will try and post pics this weekend.

    Japster: love these ... :yes:

    ...will have to check out that website. Do they come in yellow gold?
  15. I like the John Hardie stuff, and Japster's pink gold hoops. Here are a few of my gemstone beaded hoops that will be posted soon on my new website. :nuts: Yes, there will be a PF discount!:graucho:
    BlueChalcedonyHoopEarrings.jpg GraduatedIoliteBangleHoops.jpg GarnetBangleHoopEarrings2.jpg