what's after HG?

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  1. this may have been asked before, but I'm curious.

    I've always wanted a mahina L/XL but have never had the courage to pull the trigger.
    I recently just purchased one, pre-owned, like new...it made my heart skip a beat so I jumped on it.
    this is my 7th LV. starting from delightful, speedy, neverfull, alma... canvas to epi to vernis to limited edition... and now a mahina. and that makes me feel very content (for now, I suppose).

    but to those who's already gotten their HG, what's next?
  2. I don't know if I had an HG. Maybe my vernis alma was it. I find that now I'm more into SLGs. But I assume once you get your HG you move to a different brand or obsession? :P
  3. Haha what a great question! :lol:

    After getting my HG, the Black Capucines with that fabulous pink interior I was feeling really "Content"! Yea (I secretly thought to myself) I'm finally feeling very satisfied with my LV collection.

    Oh wait, then they came out with the Vernis Ana in Grand Bleu. Have you seen that little beauty? Then my friend was in town last weekend and we went to LV to get her daughter an Eva as a college graduation gift. So she gets to looking around the shop and she started fondling (hehe) a Fascinate in Neige. Wow (I thought to myself) that's a great looking handbag.

    I think you see where this is going. :lolots:

    And that's my story after I got my "HG". :shame:
  4. Mm I guess my lv HG was the speedy 25 infini? I got that last oct( second lv ever), recently bought an alma bb.. I'm the type who doubles up if I like things so maybe anothe speedy empreinte at some point? Fairly happy Atm, normally allowed 2-3 purchases a year so I try to make them count as I don't really sell them after I purchase.we ll see what the heart fancies at the end of the year.. Perhaps I should start saving for another Chanel...
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    I tend to think of my next purchase soon after a recent purchase.
    this time, I couldn't think of what's next.
    can anybody ever say "I'm done"?
    or is that usually short-lived? lol.
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    I actually have an unbelievably long list of things that I want! But I always said that I wanted a vernis alma and always put it off, making other purchases first. Well this year I've decided to go for it. And I think maybe... But probably not... An epi neverfull. I've come to realise that I can like and want things without having to own them. It took me a while to realise something so simple haha. So the vernis alma seems to be my HG? I'm then moving onto Chanel :smile:

    I'll never be finished, I'll just be collecting a different brand!
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    lol. did you get the ana or the fascinate?
    I told my husband that I think this is it for me and he was like, I've heard that before. LOL.
  8. For me personally a HG was not particularly one specific LV item, My LV HG was to have a beautiful diverse collection (im a Capricorn we are all about collecting hehe) currently I have about 23 pieces and I only have 2 more pieces to go 1.lv beach towel 2. pegase 55! Like a previous poster mentioned after my HG LV collection is complete I am moving on to a different brand (hermes)! Im very excited !!!
  9. congratulations in advance! :smile:
  10. there's always another LV HG for me -- after I acquire my HG, I find another HG to obsess about!!
  11. Hehe that's hilarious! Sorry to laugh, but I know this all too well. :lol:

    :shame: Yes, I got the Ana in Grand Bleu. It's a wonderful little handbag. I really am glad that I have it. :graucho:

    As for the Fascinate - no I don't have it...yet...:sweatdrop:
  12. "yet" :smile:
  13. so every purchase is HG. :P
  14. Thanks so much!!! :smile:
  15. I think, one needs to ask first what an HG really is.

    For me, it always used to be the bag that was the most difficult to obtain (in my case that was the most expensive one on my wish list) and because of that, I desired it more and more and overly glorified it.
    I was finally able to buy it (an SC bag) and - don't get me wrong - I love the bag, it's awesome. But it's the same kind of love I already had for other bags before her. I like taking her out, I feel good when I carry her, but an ecstatic holy grail OMG WOW experience? No.

    If you'd ask me today, what my HG is, I'd say it's my monogram key holder. I use it every single day for my keys (duh) and my bus pass. Whenever I slide it into my pocket, I'm thinking how amazing the canvas still feels in my hand. When I pull it out of my pocket at the bus stop I smile broadly, because it's just the most perfect, handy little thing.
    The leather on the inside still smells divine after a year, so sometimes I sniff it. Did it ever come to my mind to sniff the leather on my holy grail SC bag? Nope, never.

    I think the true holy grails only crystalize after one has had them for a while and suddenly realizes how they've added tons of unexpected joy every day.

    With the SC I got my HG-bag in theory, but in practice it's not an HG at all, while that tiny key holder turned out to have stolen my heart. I'll just keep collecting bags and surely another one will really stand out again one day. That's what happened after my HG, hope it helped! :smile: