What's about Balenciaga accessories ?

  1. Bonjour, I'm rather Vuitton but I discovered the Balenciaga sub-forum and I love it ! You all speak about B-bags but never about accessories like "porte-monnaie" - "mini-purse" - "compagnon" - "mini-compagnon"... Have you got one ? If so, is it possible to get pictures please ? Merci.
  2. Hello! I am also primarily an LV girl. When I got my first bbag I looked into their accessories - and mmm...not my style. They're just like the bags, smushy and unstructured. I love the bags - but their wallets look like clutches, not wallets - and it's just not me. I have an LV koala wallet, and I absolutely love it. I also looked into their makeup bags, which are like clutches - and while the colors are divine, they're not made of a material that I'd want to throw around and put makeup in, ya know? :smile:

  3. I have the mini purse/coin purse, it's roughly 4 1/4" x 5 3/4". I use it as a wallet now (I used to have a normal wallet but been dying to downsize for a while, since I tend to keep too much junk in it) - use the front zipped compartment to hold coins, and the main compartment for cc, id, money, etc. Sometimes when I have to run quick errands or out to get lunch I'll throw in my cellphone and/or keys and use it as a clutch. It's bigger than I thought.

    Here's the only pic of it that I have right now (right by my 2 City bags for size comparison) - I'll try to get more pics later :yes::heart:
  4. I desperately want a planet or two lol. One in black and one in rouge.
  5. I want to get one of the coin purses ... probably in black. I just can't bring myself to fork over the money yet.
  6. Check bluefly from time to time. I see coin purses sometimes.
  7. Ohhhh....your coin purse is so cute, Hatikuh! :heart: :heart: :love:
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