What's a wapity for? *feels dumb*

  1. The MC one looks really cute but what is it used for?
  2. Cosmetic case, wristlet, camera case, clutch etc., etc.
  3. I was thinking of getting one in the monogram to use as a camera bag and a clutch.
  4. Started out as a digital camera case, but can hold your essentials.
  5. I use mine to hold my digital camera. Love it.
  6. Maybe a wristlet, when you just want to run to grocery store or just to carry lil cash, credit card and phone?
  7. Thanks! Great idea, I actually don't have anything for my camera and always end up leaving it at home. Hm.. I think I need that wapity...
  8. Fits my digital camera perfectly, and the extra battery fits in the inside pocket. Love the wapity!
  9. It's not a dumb question at all, can't even count how many times people wonder what to use them for, seen this come up on this board and a different board I post on. For me I would use it as a light sort of hands free run out bag to go shopping anything from grocery, corner store to clothes shopping. But mostly I would use it for an evening out to a restaurant or a casual get together/party when a big bag looks out of place. I was thinking it would be great for the movies but then again I usually sneak in my own snacks, lol and can't fit much into that lil number!
  10. Wapity was meant to be a digital camera case and guess the rest is LV history.
  11. yup, works great as a camera case..i also use it as a mini bag when running errands or don't feel carrying my entire life around with me! lol..it's quite cute and durable!
  12. I just recently used mine for the 1st time as a wristlet when I took my son to the science center - worked great! It fit all my essentials and I kept it looped by my elbow and was hands free all day to play!
  13. Thanks, guys:smile: Sounds like it's great for essentials. I guess, the name threw me off, I didn't know what it stands for. I really like the MC black one, I think I might be getting it eventually.
  14. ^^^ totally get it!
    its so great, and looks like it can hold a lot more than expected!
  15. If I got one, I would use it to run errands... camera, phone, keys and a small wallet!!