What's a Shooting Star???


Nov 28, 2006
Would someone please explain what a "shooting star" means on an Hermes bag? Is that a good or bad thing to have? Also, are they just for Kelly and Birkin bags or all Hermes bags? Many thanks!


Orange crush
Feb 12, 2006
Le Monde Hermes
It signifies a bag made by a craftsman for his own personal use. Each craftsman is allowed to make a bag for himself or friends/family each year. So, it can be placed on any bag. There has been lingering debate as to whether or not a shooting star bag can be refurbished by Hermes. In the past, they were not allowed to be refurbished by the store as it was reasoned that the craftsman can refurbish the bag by themself. However, some members have been told otherwise, that it can be refurbished as Hermes has realized that people cannot be expected to own the bags forever, and some craftsmen have donated these bags to charity. So, that said, should you decide to purchase a shooting star bag, be prepared to be told that it may not be worked upon. Years ago, a craftsman got sacked because one of his bags was taken in for refurbishment by a customer.