What's a reasonable price for Epi Yellow Speedy?

  1. Just wondering what's a resonable price for a Epi Yellow speedy 25? it's a used one but pretty good condition...please let me know what u think..thx

    also, do u think yellow's a bit too bright?
  2. The last one on eBay sold for $410, which sounds about right, maybe a little high.
  3. That was my auction and another that week sold for $500 plus, I thought mine was too low IMO. :crybaby:
  4. really? i just won a bid for like $450..do u think the price is good? it's for a yellow 25
  5. Even LV released Ivoire but yellow is still yummy :smile: I think $400 - 450 is fair
  6. Oh no :sad: I missed it- too much hockey going on these last few weeks- I agree Ghost- yours looked just beautiful !
  7. the few i saw going months ago didn;t hit even $350, i think. one was $270.
  8. I do think that is a reasonable price~ Congrats!:p
  9. i would love a yellow speedy 25, I think the most I would pay would be $500.
  10. Sounds like you're in the ballpark- congrats!